Choke, Cough, Giggle

Good Morning,

I can barely hold my arms up to type. I absolutely love the ache that tells me my muscles are getting stronger. Why I followed my friend around the pool to the shallow end? I don’t know. I am a dive right into the deep end kind of person. For some reason on this day I was a climb down the ladder and let the shock of the cold water put its squeeze on each muscle one at a time. Only for a second did I ponder why I put myself through this torture. Then I remembered as I filled my lungs with air and began to swim. The water frees me! I can hear only the sound of my breathing. The weight of the world becomes weightless. I will only propel forward as far as I can stretch my fingers. I think of nothing except my technique. I did not even know that there was a technique to swimming. In March of 2007 I joined a triathlon training class. Honestly, driven by my hatred for running. I did not have a bike and did not know how to swim, but what the heck, Why Not Tri was the name of the class. It was there that I realized everyone else seemed to have a certain finesse in the water that I was lacking. I decided to practice outside of the class. I asked the lifeguard at the Y to give me a few pointers. He was delighted to. He then introduced me to Glenda who was an instructor. Soon I learned how to stop fighting the water and use it. I also learned that if your bathing suit is not lined and you swim everyday, it becomes see through! I learned that lesson a little too late. This one class inspired me to swim, which in turn inspired me to join the Y, which in turn introduced me to my mentors and friends, which in turn became Your Turn, which in turn has made me proud to be who I am. Thank you water, that still catches in my throat because I have not mastered the breathing technique. Like a toddler taking its first drink from a cup, I choke, cough, catch my breathe, giggle a little, give the lifeguard a thumbs up and keep on swimming.

Get Your Sweat On



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