Toast to the Risk Takers

Good morning ladies,

Unlike last Monday I am back to normal and excited about today, I trust this finds you feeling the same way and if not, read on.

Have you thought of taking a risk?  Have you thought, what I’m doing isn’t serving me; I don’t wake up excited about this great day ahead?  If you have, do you also ponder what changing up the day to day would be like if you took the chance?  I have the pleasure of knowing about a few women who did that; they changed it up because where they were wasn’t serving them, wasn’t fulfilling them or they were presented with an opportunity they couldn’t get out of their heads. If you’ve ever felt this way then what I’m about to bring to you may be the last bit of inspirational push you need to start you thinking that it just may be possible……EVERY IS POSSIBLE!

I had a chance meeting with Sara, I was invited to go to XTREME Zumba with Judie and she was one of the Zumba instructors.  She was nice enough but you know, she was nice that was it.  I didn’t think one way or another until I met her again at a health summit; we sat at the same lunch table (right like we’re 12).  Some time later she called me about herself opening up a fitness studio and she had very specific ideas about what she wanted with this studio which was, opening up fitness classes to physically challenged people.  People who still need movement but maybe don’t move in the same ways that you or I do.  I talked to her about my desire to open a gym where children and parents could take exercise classes together.  I met with she and her partner, Heather, last week at their new fitness studio, Just Move Fitness and More located on Romence Rd in Portage.  As they were telling me about all the classes they are going to offer starting later in October; I became so excited.  Here are a couple of women who are taking a risk.  This is a huge undertaking; there are many fitness centers in Kalamazoo/Portage but they are going to give this a go and make a difference in their lives and the lives of those who come in to their studio.  They will have their classes open to the physically challenged, and they are open to parents bringing their children to exercise together.  They are having their grand opening on October 27th at 5:30pm.  We are working out the details for a Your Turn Inspirator DISCOUNT, YEAH! But most importantly the classes are inexpensive and worth every penny!  You can drop in, pay by the class, pay by the month.  Ladies, this fitness center wasn’t handed to them, they are working their tails off and taking a chance on something they love.  When I mentioned what an undertaking this is they both smiled and told me, “It feels so right”.  Can you say that about your day?

I met Kimberly in much the same happenchance way that I met Sara; we met at a non-profit class.  A few months later she sent me an email that asked a little more about Your Turn and how she loved our vision, from there we got together to discuss her possible involvement.  She is a very busy woman fulfilling her time with volunteering, yoga and biking in addition to a job she does seem to love.  She wasn’t looking to radically change it up she was just looking to make a difference, which she already does as a volunteer for a different great cause.  She has a passion for Yoga and spoke with the Y about teaching a class.  The idea for a Yoga class for parent and child took form and she now teaches on Saturday mornings at the Maple St. YMCA at 10:30am.  I happened upon that class on Saturday after my workout, which I didn’t know wasn’t complete yet.  What a great instructor she is, she has such a calming presence as I was almost hyperventilating trying to get into downward dog.  She didn’t radically change her life, alter her whole career but has made enough of a change to make her feel like she is doing something special which gives a great outlook on everything else. One small step can lead you to amazing things.  I plan on returning as many Saturday’s as I can even if I have to bring a kid to get me in the class.

Gail popped into my life at a time when I wasn’t looking for anyone new to pop in; just after my ankle sprain.  I was hopping from Ken’s office, at the Y, to get a tape job to release some of the swelling in my foot and she was there waiting for him.  A short time later she sent me an email to let me know that Ken had told her about Your Turn and we discussed a meeting.  We met at a coffee house and the conversation went from Your Turn to what she did and how that came about.  Gail is a wellness coach, don’t know what that is….well she could give better specifics but basically she helps you get to the level of wellness you desire, which you know I LOVE!  Here was the most interesting part to me, she had a real big girl job before this; however, it was no longer serving her.  Did it serve her financially, I think so.  Did it serve her in other ways, yes, before it did but not any longer.  She took the chance and made a change.  Her initial education wasn’t in this type of health but she felt passionate about health and fitness.  She decided to become a group fitness instructor, it didn’t fit her.  She then heard about helping others get out of their own way to find their personal desire for health and wellness and SHABANG, here she is.   She left a field where I wouldn’t think it would be easy to leave, respect, financial ability, and became a certified group fitness instructor which did not pan out and yet she didn’t rush back to her old way, she forged ahead.  She knew that continuing the search would be better for her than going back to what she knew, what was easy and comfortable.  Talk about a risk taker.  Now Gail is teaching one on one to people from all different areas of the country because she is able to do this over the phone.  She does have a plan, however, to coach a group weight loss session called Eat What You Love…a mindful approach to eating, which I have more information about if you are interested.  Do you think this was easy, she has a husband.  Imagine telling him, “Hun, I don’t want to do what I’m doing anymore…I think I’m going to be a fitness instructor…..nope, that didn’t work out…I’m going to take classes to become a certified wellness coach…..”  I can’t say that’s the exact conversation but you know something like that was said.  Courage! Risk! Desire for a life that served her as much as she served.

I have more stories but am running out of space; if you’re reading this sentence I applaud you.  The thing is these women are changing it up.  Taking that chance that EVERYONE says they CAN’T take.  Can’t or aren’t open to the possibilities?  If you aren’t excited about more days of the week than you’re not then maybe you need to open up to the possibility that YOU aren’t serving YOU.  In this book I’m reading it discusses looking in the mirror and asking the question, “What would I do if I weren’t afraid” and say out loud everything that comes to mind; you don’t have to act on them immediately but just to know them makes you more aware.  Keep those answers and ponder them, allow yourself to be open to the possibilities of them, hold the belief that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE because that is true.  Those women are proof and so am I.  I’m excited about my day, I hope you are too!

Happenings Today:

Greater St. Joseph Co.


Ø 5:15pm – Body Blazt @ Zimmyville Fitness in Union – Please note this is a paid class; please check with Kena

Ø 6:30pm – Zumba @ Constantine Fitness Center in Constantine – Please note this is a paid class; please check with Kathy

Ø 6:30pm – Your Turn Small Steps to Healthy Eating @ George Washington Carver Center in Three Rivers

Kalamazoo Co.


Ø 6:40am – Women on Weights @ Maple St. YMCA – Please note this is a paid class; please check with the Y for the amount.

Ø 9am & noon – Kettle Bell @ Maple St. YMCA – Please note this is a paid class; please check with the Y for the amount.

Ø 1:30pm – Zumba Gold @ Maple St. YMCA

Ø 5:10pm – Body Blast @ Portage YMCA (please go early as to get a spot and have help setting up if this is your first class)

Ø 6:15pm – Cordio @ Tuckers Ballroom Dance Studio – Please note this is a paid class; please check with Laura for details (However, 1st class is FREE)

Ø 7:30pm – Water Fitness for Health @ Portage YMCA

Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn



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