Post from the Past

Replay Email from March 2012, I came across it and thought it was something someone may need to read today, on this rainy day in October.

Good morning ladies,

I’ve been thinking, quite a lot, about the women whom workout so hard and restrict their calories and why they struggle losing weight.  I keep thinking back to myself when I would hit that plateau and be stagnant for a few weeks or even a month; those times I would get so discouraged and wonder if I would ever have the body of my dreams.  Those times, for me were thankfully few and far between but I remember being at 209 for months, I also remember busting though and getting to 170’s and being stuck again.  It was during those times that I really started reading about EVERYTHING; I read about changing up workouts and changing my intake and changing my combination of fats, protein and carbs (some would say I would become obsessed).  The truth of it was I was determined to have that body of my dreams; I never gave up for too long.  I kept picturing myself in those clothes tacked up on my wall, I knew how great it would be to be in them.

I’ve been reading again about why it works for some so easily, by that I do NOT mean with out effort, just only a few times it did really feel hard.  I think I have finally found out why…not that it’s not hokey…I changed my mind.  I’ve become as involved reading about the mind as I had with weight loss and fat loss and muscle gain.  It comes down to changing how we view ourselves, It comes down to how we feel and by choosing to change the way our mind works.  I look back and there were only a few blocks of time when I thought about “losing weight”, instead I always kept focused on how great feeling fit and healthy and thin would be.  I have pictures of myself in my living room trying, at about 190lbs, doing yoga poses that I could not do but I believed I would be able to.  I decided I would run a marathon before I even finished a good all running 5k.  I decided I would be 190, then 180, then 170….all the way down to 140.  Now I gave up the idea of 140 before I actually achieved that but I believe the reason why is because I kept listening to those whom told me I was “thin enough” and “where else can you lose weight” so I began telling myself that 145 was great, then 150 was great.  I am currently 151, now some are going to think that it’s great and definitely it is but I want to be down to 140, I like feeling thin and healthy…..our mind and feelings work for us and against us.

What is it that is holding you back?  Are you are working out and watching what you eat, then  why aren’t YOU losing what you want or feeling like you want to?  Think about where your mind is, check in with your feelings about how you feel now and what you hope to achieve.  I am a firm believer in you become what you believe; if you believe that you won’t ever be the size you desire you won’t (or you won’t for the long run), if you believe that you are too old to do the things that “younger” than you are doing you won’t.

Start today off by forgiving yourself of getting to wherever you are feeling poorly about and put faith in your body.  Believe with all your heart that you will achieve whatever it is you desire to achieve.  See yourself down 5 or 10lbs, see yourself with beautiful back muscles while swimming through the pool….whatever it is you want for you is possible if your KNOW it, just know it.

It is Sunday and I am going to cherish this beautiful body I have….find peace with where I am in the world and go to yoga.  It has been an ongoing love and full desire to become proficient in the poses and feel the release it gives my body.  I have forgiven myself for not achieving what I truly wanted to achieve and today I begin again.  I will achieve my goal because it is what I desire for me.  My hope is that you each achieve whatever it is that you desire for YOU!

Your Turn



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