Getting Sweaty

Good morning ladies,

Here it is 4:54am on a Saturday morning and I am excited to be awake.  Do you ever feel like this, waking up so early because you can’t wait to take on your day?  Well, I haven’t in quite some time because my days have not been what I wanted them to be.  I have spent way too much time “poor Mel” ing myself because “I can’t” exercise.  That is a lie.  I could exercise I just didn’t want to do, don’t really care for, the exercises that I am allowed to do so I just threw in the towel.  Remember ALL IN or ALL OUT Mel?  Well she has had her place fore front in my life for the past 13 weeks and I decided this week to take her down a few notches.

On Wednesday I decided to do what I don’t like to do, elliptical, for the amount of time the C25K is doing.  I did my slow 5 min warm up, sped it up for the 5 mins, recovery, sped it up again…..anyway I followed the plan.  I got sweaty and life looked a little different.  Thursday I was in so much pain that I could barely walk, the pity part revved up .  Friday I went into the PT’s office and asked, “Can I re-injure myself if I don’t listen to you and do what I want to do”?  “OMG, ABSOLUTELY”.  The tear in your ligament that is healing is very tender and susceptible to re-injury.  It is not strong enough.  “Well, I NEED to exercise, I can’t handle this anymore”.  I told her.  “You can exercise, you can swim and bike and do the long list of exercises that I have given you”.  I told her I don’t like those and she didn’t care.  You said you wanted to exercise and I am telling you, YOU CAN.  “Are you listening to me, YOU CAN EXERCISE”?

Now I wanted to tell her “but I don’t like those” and go back to my pity party but she’s right.  I can exercise and today I am going to.  I have a plan, Jimmy is taking me to the Y in the morning, I am going to bike Week 5, Day 2 C25K.  Yes, I know it isn’t what I want to do but so what.  I want to get sweaty and I am going to stop feeling so sorry for myself and do it!!!

I happened to speak to 3 different women this week that helped get me out of pity party Mel and back to Happy Moving Mel; Dawn reminded me that I am being a jerk and wanted to help me make a plan to get moving.  Marnie and I talked about how easy it is to get sucked into the old patterns and the mental shifts that need to happen to keep me, but everyone essentially, out of them.  Lorelei spoke to me about whom (meaning what emotion) I had visiting me (in my belly region which she called my living room) and I realized immediately what I was feeling and how that feeling was creating this victimization that was truly harming me.  Those women, the honesty they shared with me saved me from staying in this place any longer.

Do you have women in your life like that, the ones who can be completely honest with you?  Do you have women who will hit different levels of encouragement and motivation within you?  If you are reading this YOU DO, YOU HAVE 376 women who could be that for you.  You have, at your disposal; every kind of woman out there to help get you in the place those women got me.  Each of those women I have through Your Turn.  Each of them gave me a different take on myself.  Each of those women gave me the greatest gift and would GLADLY give the same gift to you.  Are you having a pity party for your poor self that can’t get motivated, can’t get inspired, and can’t get that oomph you need to get you on the right track for you?  We’ve got you covered!

Dawn was good but I needed more, Marnie got me closer, and Lorelei hit me out of the park.  I am NOT going to go ALL IN because I am not going to re-injure myself but I am going to do what I can do to get feeling healthy again and maybe, who knows, I may even like it (more than the getting sweaty part).  These Your Turn women got my head where it needed to be.

What are you using Your Turn for?

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn


2pm on Sunday @ Your Turn Office – Planning for DISNEY PRINCESS ½ MARATHON, if you have any inclination to go to run or go for support and photos (like Me) come to help us plan.

Ps, I’ll be at the Y getting all kinds of sweaty at 9am, feel free to join me!

Happenings Today (there have been additions to this list since yesterday)

Greater Kalamazoo Co.


  • Ø 9:15am – Zumba Senato @ Trinity Lutheran School in Paw Paw – Please note this is a paid class ($5)
  • Ø 10:30am – Body Blast @ Portage YMCA (please go early as to get a spot and have help setting up if this is your first class)
  • Ø 10:30am – Zumba @ Maple St. YMCA


  • Ø 12:30pm – Water Fitness @ Maple St. YMCA
  • Ø 2pm – Zumba Senato @ Trinity Lutheran School in Paw Paw – Please note this is a paid class ($5)
  • Ø 3:30pm – Zumba @ Chung’s Black Belt in Portage – Please note this is a paid class; check with Melissa for pricing 269-329-8690


Greater St. Joseph Co.



  • Ø 8am – Quick Core @ Zimmyville Fitness in Union – Please note this is a paid class; check with Kena for pricing
  • Ø 9am – Awakening Yoga @ Zimmyville Fitness in Union – Please note this is a paid class; check with Kena for pricing


  • Ø A run with the Runners of St. Joseph Co.  It is usually in the evening, if you are interested let me know and I will get you in touch with the appropriate person.




7 thoughts on “Getting Sweaty

  1. Ok I have a question I have been burning to ask someone- how do you wake up so early! It’s one of my dreams to wake up every morning and watch the sunrise, get some exercise and homework done (I’m still a student) but as soon as it’s morning all my desire has left, in fact I don’t even recall WANTING to wake up (until it’s too late and I’m late for what ever I had planned). Any tips/strategies?

    • Habit, it’s like exercise or doing homework. You just make yourself do it until it begins to become a part of who you are. Also, go to bed early; I am sleeping most night by 10pm, who am I kidding, I’m sleeping most nights by 9:30.

      BTW, you are up pretty early 🙂


      • That makes a lot of sense, because currently I have no concrete habits that I follow on a regular basis! Thanks for making me realise haha.
        Yeah sleeping early is really important, but it’s all routine, routine, routine! Right now it’s 9:35pm in Melbourne, where abouts are you?

      • I am in Michigan, are you, by any chance, in Australia? My husband said Australia because he visited there about 12 years ago. He is telling me as I type this that if that is so you are going into the season of spring as we are entering autumn.



    • Hey friend, maybe you could try getting into a good sleep routine. I added Melatonin to my sleep refining and after a few days my body reacted positively and I’m on a normal sleeping/waking schedule.

      Some people have a different bio-rhythm too. You may be one of those people whose body requires more rest. Mine unfirtunately isn’t one of them. I do very well with 4-6 hours.

      • Lucky you! If I don’t sleep for 8 hours minimum there’s hardly any chance of me getting up unless I’m doing something really awesome that day (like going to the airport), I’ll take a note of that thank’s Jen, and I think ill investigate more on bio-rhythms too.

  2. Mel
    Been there with the ligament thing. If you get the opportunity, get into the pool at TR Health Track. That helped me a lot. There is an evening session of hyper competitive, but loving tri-athletes. The trainer who leads it is amazing.

    I’m NOT a swimmer. When I first started, she taught me skills and adapted the workout to fit my needs. It was very challenging and kept me active.

    I hope you get out of your funk! If you’re able to elliptical, you are doing great. I’m an all or nothing girl too, so I feel your pain. Dig deep and make yourself keep moving forward.

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