Friday Email Submission

Good morning ladies,

Last week I was sent this inspirational email about a journal entry that was, I am only assuming, a requirement.  I am so thankful she shared it with me and has allowed me to share it with you.  Happy Friday!

My day started with a glorious run this morning with two awesome and inspiring women, Sarah and Ann, we rocked out three miles, and they hit a couple personal bests! I was wholeheartedly happy for them. Then I headed to the YMCA to makeup a weight workout I missed last night.  My running high was quickly dissolved by a man in the weight room, who thought I really didn’t need the squat rack and directed me to the rack of barbells instead!  I told them no, those were not enough for me and then after my warm-up proceeded to squat 155#, 15 times; I think that shut him up!  I then headed home to find an irritated teenager, who was running late for class since she woke up late and somehow that was now my fault.  Then, I started laundry and cleaned up the house; then sat down at the computer to job search – ughhh, I have really grown to hate the job hunt and today was dismal in prospects.  Then, my husband came home, looking for dinner that was going not ready yet, then my daughter came home and before I turned around she was irritated(again) with my husband and in her room.  Ohhh sigh…. what a roller coaster!

After dinner was done, I headed for a bubble bath to soak this strong but tired body of mine.  I shut off the lights, and my daughter brought me some candles (yes, she is sweet as well as irritated).  I began to attempt to meditate, my thoughts wandered to think about all I have to be grateful for – my wonderful run this morning, my strong body that has improved its squatting weight by 50# in just three weeks, the energy I had today to endure the household chores, dinner making, job hunting and surviving teenagers and a grumpy husband.  I thought about where I would be if I didn’t dedicated time and energy to fitness, I thought about a year and half ago when there was 60 pounds more of me to carry around, when I couldn’t run for a minute without wanting to puke, when a 5 pound kettle bell was heavy.  I also thought how I can measure myself by the weight on the scale or the latest rejection letter for employment.  I realized at that moment, in the bubbles and candlelight, when I limit my world and allow this “limit” to measure me I am unhappy and disappointed.  Instead, I resolved at that moment I must embrace that where I am is exactly where I am supposed to be and that the universe/GOD/life (however we define the power greater than us) didn’t bring me here just to drop me in the middle of the road, like some unfortunate road kill.  My checkered past, my self-perceived-imperfections, my belly fat, everything about me, it makes me… and I love me.  As I drained the tub, I imagined all the doubt, the stupid rejection letters, all the ‘ick’ going down that drain – I’m done with it!!!!”

I will awake in the morning with a giant thank you and accept all that comes my way as a gift and just more opportunity to make me, me!

Rene supporting the Runners of Kalamazoo Week 3 Day 2


I hope this gives you the motivation you need today; I know it has me.

Happenings This Weekend



  • Ø 9am – Track Running @ Kalamazoo Christian Track
  • Ø 9am & noon – Kettle Bell @ Maple St. YMCA – Please note this is a paid class; please check with the Y for the amount.


  • Ø 10:30am – Body Blast @ Portage YMCA (please go early as to get a spot and have help setting up if this is your first class)
  • Ø 10:30am – Zumba @ Maple St. YMCA


  • Ø 3:30pm – Zumba @ Chung’s Black Belt in Portage – Please note this is a paid class; check with Melissa for pricing

Greater St. Joseph Co.


  • Ø 8am – Quick Core @ Zimmyville Fitness in Union – Please note this is a paid class; check with Kena for pricing
  • Ø 9am – Awakening Yoga @ Zimmyville Fitness in Union – Please note this is a paid class; check with Kena for pricing


  • Ø A run with the Runners of St. Joseph Co.  It is usually in the evening, if you are interested let me know and I will get you in touch with the appropriate person.

Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn




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