Be Radiant

Good Morning,

Even on a cloudy day, you cannot help but take in the beauty of the colors the trees are so generously sharing with us.  Fiery red, vibrant orange, energetic yellow, choose your color.  Share your radiance.

Rainy Day Salsa

Rainy Day Salsa (I cut this recipe in 1/2)

  •       4 tart apples chopped
  •       one red onion chopped
  •       1 jalapeno pepper
  •       1 yellow and 1 red pepper chopped
  •       2 limes juiced
  •       handful of chopped cilantro
  •       1T olive oil
  •       1T cider vinegar
  •       2t cumin
  •       Salt and pepper
  •       (optional small can of crushed pineapple)

Get Your Sweat On


Your Turn


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