Chasing the Cure 5K

Good morning ladies,

This email is dedicated to the Runners of White Pigeon who are running this morning in the Chasing the Cure 5K in Sturgis.  Racing begins at 9, if you can’t be there as a cheerleader, give a cheer wherever you are and let your runner spirits get it to them J

Later today I will be posting pictures of them on our FB page and on our Blog, so check it out.

The women who are running in the race today have had to be internally dedicated to keep with this group; as other’s dropped out they stuck with it.  They showed up even when there was only 1 other there.  Running is something you really have to be ready to do because, let’s face it; if it were easy everyone would do it.  I am NOT saying running is difficult but running the first 3 miles is.  Getting to this place, when you have NEVER been there before or if you had been able to run that far years and years ago it’s a challenge to get back and your body must follow your mind.

The mind will come up with reasons upon reasons to NOT complete a challenging task but these women overcame that mental challenge and are ready to take on this race.  Good Luck Runners of White Pigeon!!!  See you soon.

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn



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