Adventurous in the Kitchen

Good morning ladies,

Dawn and I have put much effort into these Couch 2 Kitchen cooking sessions and through it have been learning a great deal about the motivations and reasoning’s behind what we and other people eat and what a challenge it is to change those eating patterns and habits.  She has been discovering that women are willing to commit to the class but it’s a challenge to get people out of their food comfort zones and try new things without a great deal of hesitation.  I am finding, as I hide vegetables within foods, that if you eat it without knowing what is it and like it that’s one thing, knowing what’s in it and having a preconceived notion that you don’t like what it was made with makes what you just ate and liked different.

For instance, I made vegetarian lasagna roll-ups.  They were good enough to eat ALL of but once it was discovered that tofu was used instead of meat it wasn’t liked as much.

Alternative to Beef

I spoke of how I made my macaroni and cheese from the box for my kids but add butternut squash; a woman that is in my class KNEW beforehand what was in it and knew she doesn’t like butternut squash; she only picked at it very little.   It may have been that she didn’t like it but it may have been that she knew beforehand what was in it so she made up her mind she wasn’t going to like it going in.  The other woman in the class said she couldn’t taste the squash in it and ate her portion.  Another example, in my home, is my husband SWEARS he doesn’t like plain Greek yogurt and he could CERTAINLY tell the difference between that and sour cream.  I had been dumping out his sour cream and putting in its place Greek yogurt, which he didn’t know I was doing, but after I told him what he had been eating he was shocked. However, I have noticed over this past week he hasn’t used the “sour cream” container, not even once.

Beets, Avocado and Plain Greek Yogurt

How are you when it comes to food?  Are you willing to try new things or do you need to be persuaded or tricked?  Children of certainly cultures are raised around certain foods, I immediately think of how Dawn went to Peru and they eat Guinea Pig; chances are we aren’t serving that up regularly.  However, when Dawn went there she was willing to give it a try.  I would say, in my opinion that makes her pretty adventurous.  She knows from 1st hand experience that it tastes greasy, would you be willing to find that out first hand?    Dawn is willing to do that but some of us aren’t willing to try Kale or Beets or Jimaca or a Persimmon.

Veggie Stuffed Veggie

I have, last week, begun “Green Week”.  This means I pick a new to me green and see how many ways I can use it.  Last week it was Bok Choy; I put it in my eggs with tomato and feta cheese in a wrap for breakfast.  I used it in my stir fry.  Sautéed it olive oil and garlic with salt and pepper as a side dish, not my favorite; it needed more seasonings.  This week I am using Kale; I was too lazy last night to make a big dinner so I made my easy standard; egg sandwiches with veggie sausage patty’s and because I have to have Kale in every dish this week I put a piece on like it would be lettuce.  That wasn’t my favorite way to eat it.  However, I LOVED it in ravioli bake; I sautéed it with green pepper, onion and garlic and added it to the jar sauce.  It is also perfect in the pork, white bean and kale soup I have been eating that for 3 days as my favorite left over.

This isn’t to say I am going to be adding stuff to each dish for the rest of my life but I think its fun to experiment.  I will be able to say all the ways I like these GREAT for us vegetables and ways I wouldn’t recommend eating them; it’s all a personal choice.

Pork, White Bean and Kale Soup

Here is the link to this recipe,

How willing are you to go out of your comfort zone to better your health?  Maybe you are going to do an “Orange” week or just an “Orange” day.  Maybe you have a daring moment in the grocery store, buy something you don’t’ know anything about but let it rot in your fridge; that’s a start.

Dawn and I have really been stressing trying something new.  Take a step outside of your comfort zone and maybe you will have a fun story of YUCK and how you had to go to Subway to pick up dinner because no one in your house could stand it or maybe you find out that Bok Choy is GREAT in an egg wrap for breakfast.  Who knows until you try?  I will tell you I am awful thankful that I tried the weird, oval, greenish brownish fruit that I didn’t know you should or shouldn’t peel about 13 years ago.  The kiwi is one of my favorite fruits.  It was worth me stepping out of my comfort zone and asking, “What the hell is this” to the attendant in the produce section at Meijer.

Happenings Today:

Kalamazoo, Wednesday

  • 6:40am – Women on Weights @ Maple St.  YMCA – Please note this is a paid class; please check with the Y for the amount.
  • 9am & noon – Kettle Bell @ Maple St. YMCA – Please note this is a paid class; please check with the Y for the amount.

Greater St. Joseph Co

  • 4:45 – Strength Circuit Blazt @ Zimmyville Fitness in Union – Please note this is a paid class; check with Kena for pricing at
  • 7pm – Your Turn Couch 2 5K @ White Pigeon High School Track in White Pigeon
  • 7pm – Yoga Sculpt @ Constantine Fitness Center in Constantine – Please bring light hand weights – Please note this is a paid class; check with Kena for pricing at

Get Your Sweat On and Be Adventurous in the Kitchen

Your Turn



2 thoughts on “Adventurous in the Kitchen

  1. Just for the record, I don’t like Mac n cheese, however I didn’t taste the squash and since then have made it for my family twice. Everyone ate it. I’ve also made the yummy apple desert, and the ever yummy lasagne roll ups. Pretty sure I would not try the guinea pig unless I was starving. But I am still willing to try things that were not once my pet. : ). I look forward to learning and trying new things and thank you both for coming up with these great ideas and sharing your time and effort to educate us more.

    Thanks again

    Cindy Hansen

    • OHHH, I am so happy you have tried it on your family. I also am thankful to know that you just don’t like Mac & Cheese, I don’t like it either and even with the squash I will only taste it. Thanks for letting me know.
      Looking forward to this Monday night; Black Bean Monday!

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