Slow It Down

Good morning ladies or is it afternoon?,

“Mom, I’m hungry” I am immediately told before 6:20am by my littlest boys.  “Mel, I have to go in to work today, I’ll be home around 3; remember we are having my mom over for dinner so don’t forget to get the fish ready” Jimmy informs me before 6:30am.  “Mom, can you tell the boys to NOT come in my room this early, it’s Saturday” Molly tells me before 7:30 “and, when are we going to go get my new cell phone?” she asks because she had hers stolen or quite possibly intentionally lost because she’s been wanting a new cell phone and knows we are available for an upgrade.

This is in addition to myself needing to finish writing this grant, getting together some information for a possible sponsorship, finish up on Part 1 of my book to be submitted to the editor, get together the notes and ideas that need to be submitted to Sylvia for the YT Board meeting AND feed everyone, drink a cup of tea, take Walter pee like 3 times because that is his morning routine and I wanted to get to the Y to lift weights sometime today.

Can we say I was awoken to feelings of being overwhelmed?  I am not special nor is this abnormal, it is the life of a woman who is trying to accomplish anything more than just being a subpar mother.  Do I really want Walter peeing on his own, absolutely, but the conversations we have while he is on the potty are priceless and he will only want my help for just a touch longer.  Do I give a shit that I was going to make pork and white bean soup today instead of fish, yes, but Jeannie is a vegetarian sort of and only eats fish and fowl so the soup will wait till tomorrow.    Do I like it better when Molly doesn’t have a cell phone, yes, but her badgering me about it makes me nuts so unfortunately I give in and tell her we’ll go sometime today; add something else to my day.

Days are like this, sometimes weeks months and years seem like this but am I going to give in to all of these needs and responsibilities and keep my 1 hour weight lifting off the table?  No way.  I gave it up Kettle Bell yesterday because of my boys having a touch of the flu, I am taking that hour for myself because it’s what helps me get through the rest of it.  Not only is that workout important for my body but also for my mind.  I will be getting that workout in between 3:30-5 to be home for dinner.  Yes, I will be eating sweaty but that is what it is and I think that those around my dinner table will be absolutely fine with it as long as I throw some deodorant on before I sit down.

I also made myself sit down and prioritize my day; what things HAVE to be done today.  What things would I like to be done today but its ok it they are done tomorrow?  Do I need to feel this overwhelmed, I guess not?  Perspective is where it’s at.  Helping Walter pee and having my cup of tea is a must, writing this email makes me feel better, my portion for the Board Meeting agenda was easy because I had it in my notebook I just needed to type it out and email it….The HUGE list seemed overwhelming but when I broke it down and put it in the proper order it was fine. Today and tomorrow will be fun because that is what I’ve decided I’m going to call it.

Slow down and allow yourself to put all things in perspective.  Make sure you put a personal desire in the need to do category, which will ensure you are taking time for YOU.  The needs of your friends, family and work are NOT more important than YOU are.  Without your own health you can do NOTHING for the rest.

Have a calm and peaceful and exciting day and be sure you take time to Get Your Sweat On, I will!

Your Turn



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