What’s On the Menu?

Good Morning,
It may actually be afternoon by the time you receive this email.  Mornings are my favorite time with my family.  We crank up the morning play list (all songs that have the word morning or sunshine) have breakfast together and they head out the door. Before you start showering me with credit you should know that dinner in my house is an absolute disaster. At the gathering this week we discussed meal planning, procrastinating, and keeping a journal. We decided our goal was to begin meal planning (if you have tips please send them to me) and add to our journal a healthy choice that we made for ourselves each day.  As far as procrastinating we decided to start tomorrow.  Just kidding.  The true fact that taking the time to preplan and prepare your food for the week is going to save you time, money and calories. Trust me I am not preaching. This is a huge struggle for me. Now the question…WHY? I have created this menu monster like it is some huge task that is going to be so hard. Similar to my 64oz water challenge, once you do it for a few weeks it will become habit.  A few weeks? UGH! Now this is how a person that is not “ALL IN” takes on this task.  How can I make this more enjoyable? How can I create a support team to help me? Who will do this for me? Cooking Group! Horrocks Field Trip with Friends! Couch to Kitchen Class! That I can do and so can you! The cooler weather makes comfort food an enticing option. Beware of hot and heavy! Please share any of your favorite recipes that have a healthy flare. I apologize for getting this to you a little late this morning. I hope that you have a favorite time of the day that you take the time to enjoy everyday.
Get your sweat on!!!! And Plan your MENU!

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