Helping Hand

Good morning ladies,

I missed writing early Saturday morning for the sheer fact that I didn’t have anything in me, however, it was around 11:35am on Saturday morning as I was snuggling Walter and watching The Backyardigans when this song came on, Helping Hand

Helping Hand

that popped me out of my stupor.  Please take the 2 minutes to watch the video and listen to the words.The simpliest things come from children, it is one of the greatest benefits of having them all around me.  The concept is simple, if you need a hand I’ll help you out.  Sometimes we, I, become so selfish and fearful that I will lose what is “MINE” that I am afraid to help you.  I want to be the GREATEST one but even if you do reach that pinnacle what then?  If you brush everyone else aside who is there to celebrate?  You, all by yourself?  Not much fun.

Your Turn was born of the desire for YOU to realize that it’s OK to be selfish, think of YOUR goals, put yourself on the calendar (Thanks Jeanne) but it was also with the desire that as you find your way you will also help to inspire others on their journey.  It cannot be one without the other if you want to feel the full benefit of this group.  I said once about how great being a cheerleader is, how to me it is equally as awesome as reaching my own person goal as helping you reach yours.  I was told in no uncertain terms that this isn’t for everyone, “I don’t like being a cheerleader”.  To me that means you are losing such a great part of Your Turn.  Supporting others bring such joy and a feeling of service, which is at our core to be, that you can only feel good if you aren’t afraid of “losing” what is YOURS.

It is Saturday, I am getting this out and you have the whole weekend to plan out how you are going to be that Helping Hand for someone reaching their goal.  Maybe it is an email, text or FB post.  Maybe it is a phone call or a visit.  Look at your calendar and schedule it in, make that plan to be the one someone is thankful to have in their life.  Can’t think of anyone to lend that hand to, let me know and I’ll hook you up!

Get Your Sweat On, lending a sweaty hand is equally as great as lending a clean one.

Your Turn



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