Addiction: THE WANT

Good morning ladies,

I spent some time with a group of women at an Energy Clearing on Tuesday. It was a group discussion with a theme, which I don’t know, because all I heard was about the difference between the WANT and the HAVE. I wasn’t able to focus on much more of the conversation because in my mind’s eye, I kept seeing all the things I wanted that I currently have but have forgotten about. I wanted my weight loss but I don’t think about it as much because I already have it. I wanted school to start but I forgot, because it’s already 7 days in, and already I wish (want) school stayed in session until 3:30 (for my kids in high school). I wanted SO BADLY a publisher to pick up my book and one came along, but I immediately wanted a different kind of publisher. I wanted Your Turn to support just 1 woman; we support hundreds and I keep looking for the next group. I am breaking my addiction to the WANT and growing a love of the HAVE!

Now, I know some of you personally on this email/blog chain and I can hear you sputter, “I don’t have many wants, I don’t think I am addicted to wanting” and then remember how often you have said, “I wish I had more time with my kids (because you work)” and on the weekend you have them all day long and you want them to be in school. How many times have you said or thought, “I wish my husband were more helpful around the house” and when he does help you think, “he does it wrong, I wish (another want) he’d do it like I do. I’ll just do it myself”. I want a better paying job, I want a new house, I want new clothes, I want to lose weight, I want, I want, I want…..Give yourself 2 weeks in the want that you wanted and all of a sudden you don’t think about it or appreciate it and you are on to the next want.  Even if you think, “I want less” it is still a want. I’d bet if you got less you’d want more; the addiction is to the want; what you have is already forgotten.

That meeting for me was an awakening to the way I view the things I have. I wanted kids with innie belly buttons, I have that. I wanted an office for YT, I have that. I wanted good seared tuna, I got it in a salad and gobbled it up. I have an amazing husband, great healthy kids, the weight loss I desired, run a marathon, raced a 5K, eaten a lobster roll in Maine….my ‘haves’ go on and on and I am no longer going to trivialize them. Make your list and feel those HAVES, appreciate the want that has been fulfilled and glorify it if only to yourself. The sunny day is a have, the breeze moving your hair, the kindness of the stranger that held the door; simple ‘haves’ need to be cherished.  I have written this email, I will not think of wanting the idea for the next one.

Happenings Today:


  • Ø 9am & noon – Kettle Bell @ Maple St. YMCA – Please note this is a paid class; please check with the Y for the amount.

St. Joseph Co.;

  • Ø I still have nothing.  Now I know a few who use Friday as their day off, which is GREAT however I am sure that ALL of you don’t take Friday off.  Let YT know what you are doing.

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2 thoughts on “Addiction: THE WANT

  1. Thanks for the LIGHT BULB! And for making me cry realizing all the blessings of the things I already HAVE. Some were worked for, some worked very hard for, some not at all. I will remember all the HAVES as I take on any other WANTS worth having.

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