Good Morning,
Can I have your attention please?  What does it take to get your attention?  There is something very important your body is trying to tell you.
You already know my love for the human body.  One of its most fascinating features to me is called homeostasis.  It is the process that the body uses to maintain a stable internal environment.  In other words your body just wants to maintain perfection.  For example 98.6 is the perfect temperature for your body to function.  When you heat it up, it tries to cool you down and visa versa.  It is the same with blood sugar, glucose and insulin, blood pressure, circulation, digestion, metabolism.  Fatigue is one of your bodies most obvious signs.  Your body is telling you it needs something; rest, nutrients, oxygen.
Here is the problem, our bodies are such a complex function of perfection,  we can not always figure out what it is trying to tell us.  I struggled with the title of today’s message.  The difference between awareness and attention.  There are so many things to be aware of, and it is not always clear what we should be paying attention to.  In doing research for the Small Steps to Eating Healthier and Reducing Gluten Program (starts tonight at the Can Do Kitchen at 6:30p.m. there is still room available) it was brought to my attention how much wheat is being consumed by Americans. Hmmmm I’m American.  I started to pay attention, please don’t judge as I tell you a typical day.  Bisquick pancakes, main ingredient….wheat. Healthy organic chicken sandwich on thin sliced everything bagel, main ingredient…..wheat. Pita chips with hummus, main ingredient…wheat. Pasta with tomato sauce main ingredient….wheat!!!!  Holy Crap!!! That is a very typical day in my house and it is way too much WHEAT!  I am not saying that wheat is bad for you. I don’t believe anything is bad for you.  But if you are bomb barding your body with too much of one thing over a period of time, it is going to make it awfully difficult to maintain homeostasis.
Am I going to give up wheat? No. But you can bet your bottom dollar, now that I am aware of how much we consume. I am going to pay attention to the type of grains we are eating and try to add much more variety to my families diet. Understand I am not talking about replacing one grain for another. We are talking about adding a variety of options.  Please avoid the fad diet bus, but use the information to become aware of what you may be consuming too much or too little of. Pay attention to your body, if it is not functioning like the perfect machine that it is. It is probably because of something you are doing or not doing!  If you want to explore more healthy cooking options with me tonight, drop me an email.
  • Ø 8:30am – Cardio Tennis @ Maple St. YMCA – Please note this is a paid class; check with the Y for amount.
  • 09:00am- A few of us are working out in the weight room at Maple Y, no instructor
  • Ø 12pm – Spinning @ Maple St. YMCA
  • Ø 6pm – Belly Blast @ Maple St. YMCA
  • Ø 6:30pm – Your Turn Small Steps to Gluten Free Cooking Session @ Can Do Kitchen in Downtown Kalamazoo – If you have not already signed up, please notify Dawn to ensure there is enough space and materials.  This will be a comprehensive class discussion of the benefits of reducing gluten in your diet and adding a variety of healthy options. It will also offer hands on cooking time and more knowledge and resources than you could imagine.
  • Ø 7pm – Zumba @ Portage YMCA
  • Ø 8pm – Zumba @ Chung’s Black Belt in Portage – Please note this is a paid class; check with Melissa for pricing 269-329-8690
Get Your Sweat On!

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