Pick Me!!

Good Morning Captain!


I am thrilled to let you know that you have been chosen to be the captain of your very own support team; even better than elementary school, when you only had the children in your class to choose from.  You can pick from anyone you have ever met. Create your draft list. Who are the women that make you laugh?  Who do you know that has a positive attitude? Who lives close by? Who do you enjoy spending time with?  Who do you wish you spent more time with? Who would you like to get to know better?  Do not make excuses for why someone would not want to be on your team before you pick them. To be on your team, they do not have to be close by; you can keep in contact through email, or phone. You cannot win the game if you’re not on the field; you do not want to be on the field without a team.

Pick ME, ME….Pick ME!!!

Now make the call and let them know they are on your team.  Share your goal and the game plan.   Someone is waiting to hear from you just hoping to be chosen.  Need more women on your team? Come to any of our Happenings this week and recruit! The game is life and you gain points by achieving goals. Good Luck this is going to be a winning season!!!!

Happenings Today:

Kalamazoo Co.


  • Ø 8:30am – Cardio Tennis @ Maple St. YMCA – Please note this is a paid class; check with the Y for amount.
  • Ø 12pm – Spinning @ Maple St. YMCA
  • Ø 6pm – Pilates @ Portage YMCA
  • Ø 6:30pm – Your Turn Couch 2 5K@ Fitness Spot in Downtown Kalamazoo – If you have not already let Melodie know you will be attending please do so to ensure I have the proper amount of handouts and we don’t leave without you.  This is the 1st Day of Week 1, come join in!!!
  • Ø 8pm – Zumba @ Chung’s Black Belt in Portage – Please note this is a paid class; check with Melissa for pricing 269-329-8690

St. Joseph Co.


  • Ø 9:30am – Zumba @ George Washington Carver Center – Attendance has dropped off for this class, if anyone is interested in attending please let me know if not we will cancel this class beginning next week.
  • Ø 6:30 – Yoga @ Lakeside Yoga in Union – Please note this is a paid class; check with Kena for pricing at kenakeller@hotmail.com

Get Your Sweat On



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