New Beginnings = A+

Good morning,

A new beginning; this is just like January 1st only without the hangover.  The first day of school is a new beginning because all kids, teachers, basically anyone who works within the school district and excited parents whose children go to school get a new start today.  I know, I know that the people who work within the school district have been preparing and some children have started earlier but this is the large group in Michigan that begin today.

You can start fresh today too; did you know that you start with an A+.  You didn’t come into this world flunking out, you came in fresh with an A+, and it’s up to you to keep it, that’s it.  You came into this world with everything you needed to be the most perfect YOU!  The goal your soul had, the lessons you are required to learn, the UTMOST BEST most MARVELOUS POTENTIAL that YOU could be; you came here with every ability to achieve it.  In my opinion the worst of that is we didn’t know what that goal was, the lessons to learn and I was taught (unbeknownst to my parents) was to settle for a B possible a C in life.

Today we start fresh, with that A+; what do you think you’re A+ is?  Mine is to serve in kindness to myself and others.  Mine is to see the glorious inward not the rumpled outward.  Mine is to give from my experience and perspective.

We each have something special which is why we can all live here, on this planet, without worry of someone getting ours or taking our share.  We are each unique, special, a PERFECT A+!!!  All you have to do is keep it and keeping it is easy; desire to be the BEST MOST OPTIMAL YOU!  That’s it.  That’s the A+, the BEST YOU YOU CAN BE!

Happy New YOU Year!

Happenings This Week: (to the best of my ability)

Kalamazoo Co.


  • 12pm – Spinning at Maple YMCA
  • 6pm – Pilates at Portage YMCA
  • 7:45pm – Your Turn Board/Advisory Meeting  at Your Turn Office  – Please come share ideas and help us form the upcoming months


  • 10:05am – Sculpt & Strength at Portage YMCA
  • There is Zumba at a church in the evening, if anyone is interested I can get you more information.  Shoot me an email.


  • 12pm – Spinning at Maple YMCA
  • 12:10pm – Your Turn Gathering at Bronson Athletic Club, come join us for support, encouragement and a cheer for your accomplishments


  • 10:30am – Body Blast at Portage YMCA
  • 10:30am – Zumba at Maple St. YMCA

St. Joseph Co.


  • 9:30am – Zumba at George Washington Carver Center in Three Rivers
  • 6:30pm  – Yoga at Lakeside in Union


  • 6pm – Runners of White Pigeon – Good Form Running at Gazelle Sports in Kalamazoo with our week 7 run to follow around Bronson Park
  • 7pm – Yoga at the Lakeside in Union


  • 6:30pm – HIIT at George Washington Carver Center in Three Rivers


  • 6:30am – Running in Constantine, please contact Melissa at in Constantine
  • 9am – Yoga at the Lakeside in Union

Lots of opportunities to Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn





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