This is what happens IF, WHEN you stick to you long enough!

From Average to Fabulous

I am never one to do things the usual way, and I never write short, so I have not used the prompts from week 1 of the Round Three blogging challenge exactly as they are given. If you want to know the facts, check out my ‘About Me’ but this is a ‘me’ blog, so I never quite know where I am going when I start …

Describe me in 50 words – shouldn’t be hard at all! (note: there was more than a tinge of sarcasm there;) ). Not many weeks ago, I would have used words like unhealthy, fat,  boring, lonely, dull, sad, I would have said I never look in the mirror because I hated what I saw but just to not be totally negative I would have added something like ‘I like my eyes’, or that I am a good listener.

Now a couple of words…

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