1st Impression

Good morning ladies,

Strong, confident, kind, friendly; those are words I would like the first impression of myself to be sent out into the community.  I intentionally try to stand up straight, shoulders back, head high looking straight ahead with a slight smile on my face; I actually think this to myself as I go anywhere, into the mall with my daughter to buy jeans, herding my boys into the YMCA, walking near my husband into the grocery store.  It is intentional.

What does your appearance say about you?  Are you slouched over with a scowl because the dog literally ate your shoe?  If someone were to approach you for directions on the street would you become immediately irritated that they don’t already know where they are going and because you are annoyed you give them a dirty look as you snap out where he needs to go?  How embarrassing it is when you see that man again when you are at a job interview and he happens to be the one making the decision.  Or the woman who watched you all slouched over with the scowl; the woman you didn’t know was noticing you, is the same one you can’t figure out why she is as rude to you on a different date as you ask for help in buying your daughter shoes.

Whether we know it or not we are being watched almost constantly and what others are seeing is how they perceive us.  How many times have you or I watched that scowly woman or irritated man and made assumptions about them and what kind of person they are?

We need to be aware; this is about awareness.  I don’t know how realistic it is to think you or I would NEVER be caught scowling for some reason.  I know when I am running late it is a challenge for me to be kind to another who seems to be in my way.  When my boys are running circles around and through my legs having that slight smile on my face is more work than I can almost bear but I try anyway.  It has become such habit for me that I notice almost immediately when it slips and I need to recompose myself.  This intention makes a difference in not only the way others perceive me but also in the way I view myself.  As I walk I assume I look so friendly that anyone could come up and start walking with me and maybe join me as I go wherever.  I want to be perceived in a certain manner because it makes me feel better about myself which in turns makes me want to keep smiling with my head high and my shoulders back standing straight.

You’re out of bed right now, or I imagine you are as you read this; how are you sitting, what is the expression on your face, check in with your feelings.  Check in again with yourself as you walk into work or do that last minute back to school shopping are you standing or walking in the way you want others to perceive you?  Show the people around you just how much you think of them by just having a nice expression on your face, show the people at work that you are happy to be there by walking in confident in your abilities, show the world you are proud of you as you stand with your head in the middle of your shoulders and your back straight.  The more you make these efforts the more you will begin to believe those things to be true the more you want to send more of those messages out.  Make your best first impression today!

Happenings Today:


  • 8:30 am – Cordio at Tuckers Ball Room Dance Studio, 1st class is FREE

St. Joseph Co;

  • I’ve got nothing; who does what in St. Joe Co on Friday’s?  Shoot me an email and let me know!

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn, Mel


One thought on “1st Impression

  1. Amen to this! I have a quote on my email signature at work that says “Be kinder than necessary, for you never know what others are going through”. I try to live with that mentality every day. Happy Friday!

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