Viewing Food

Good morning ladies,

It is true that we are what we eat.  It is true that our bodies are a temple.  It is true that the only thing that is truly only ours is our body.  It is true that all things we do to and for our body is a choice.

We, Your Turn, are in the midst of scheduling September through November and we are moving our focus from mainly movement to nutrition.  As we are making this transition I am reading about how others have made eating to nourish their body instead of for the glory of eating a lifestyle.  This has, in my life, been a non-stop up and down road.  When I was less understanding about food I ate everything because I loved it, as I have become more aware I want to eat for nourishment instead of entertainment, boredom (my biggest weakness), guilt, pleasure….the list goes on and on.

So in my reading and talking to people about food I have heard many tips.  I want to share a few with you.

“Every time I find myself reaching for food I ask myself what am I feeling; am I hungry physically (which is actually a very rare feeling), am I bored, am I sad, am I excited (seems to be the least reason people eat), am I angry, am I lonely, am I feeding others…this questioning of myself has helped tremendously” was insight I gained while speaking to a Your Turn Inspirator

Which one are you; “The person who never thinks about food, the person doing the deprivation-and-binge cycle, the person eating healthy but not seeing results”.

“Maybe you should start calling your green side dish “Fresh chopped spinach” or “Zeus’ Greek salad”. It may even make the rest of your meal more appealing!”

“I found myself obsessively reading labels for sugar and fat contents and feeling guilty when I ate something that had high contents of sugar, salt and fat. Funnily enough, I was actually imagining the internal damage they were doing to my body – like a negative visualization.”

Yes, there are probably too many articles for you to read this morning but save this and go back to it.  You probably fit into one of these molds on food, how you think about food and maybe how you want to think about what you eat.

Now that you are thinking about food and how you view it, check out our September Calendar and sign up for one of our Couch 2 Kitchen opportunities to meet other women and get in on a conversation that just may help you put food in its proper context.  Check out the Your Turn Calendar on this blog.

Happenings Today:


  • 10:05 – Sculpt & Strength @ Portage YMCA

St. Joseph County

  • 7pm – Couch 2 5K @ White Pigeon High School

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn



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