From Average to Fabulous

So round 2 of 12wbt is done. I am more than happy with my results (total loss 20.4 kilos and 60cms gone for ever) but the last 4 weeks has been quite frankly, a struggle.

Being sick (as well as the injured ankle) and not being able to exercise affected me far more than I would have thought! But worse than that it became a vicious circle – the more I didn’t exercise, the less I wanted to. This in turn affected my eating and while I pretty much stayed within my calories, I certainly wasn’t eating clean.

But I am feeling better so it should all be fabulous – right?
Nope – this is where the inner bitch decided it would be a good time to speak up.

Don’t get me wrong I am thrilled with the changes in my body and attitude, and people are starting to notice…

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