Shift Gears

Good morning ladies,
Everything is going along PERFECTLY on your road to health and wellness; you feel great, are taking the correct steps forward and…..BAM!!!  You are sidelined by a CHEESEBURGER birthday party with your own personal CHOCOLATE MOLTEN LAVA CAKE for dessert.  All of a sudden you are craving all kinds of sugar and white flour, you can’t get enough; what do you do?  Tell your families to stop having birthday’s so the track you are on stays smooth?  Stop going in to work when someone is retiring so you do not have to pretend you want to say no to the “He’s a jolly good fellow” cake? 
Exercise has become your favorite pastime; you are biking to work, running on lunch, joining your pack of Zumba friends on Wednesday nights, watching races on the weekends just because you want to be a part of the racing community and…..BAM!!!!  You fall during a workout, roll your ankle and are OUT for 6 weeks.  The only form of exercise you are going to get is from the use of your crutches.  But, you insist, you wanted to keep doing all these things so you don’t gain weight. 
How do you combat these issues that happen in real life, real time, no warning; you shift gears? What gear?  Right in the middle, if you had a stick I would tell you to push in the clutch and hold that baby in neutral. 
This is life, my friends, and you MUST understand that health and wellness isn’t about 1 week in the life of shitty food eating.  Health and wellness isn’t about becoming a workout queen where only fun things happen if you are moving your body.  Things of this nature happen so we realize the importance on balance.  Everyone is on some health kick in regards to eating a certain way; gluten free, vegetarian, raw, low carb, low fat, sugar free…the list goes on and on.  BALANCE is where it’s at unless there is an allergy.  Fruit has sugar, milk has sugar, veggies have carbs, pasta IS carb, pasta now has ADDED protein, bread IS gluten….you can’t get away from it all.  What you can do is have balance.  Balance between healthy food and a treat. 
What happens when we “CAN’T” cake…we think about it all day long, we CRAVE it, our mouths water when we see a commercial for it….all of a sudden it’s on our minds for 5 days and we break down and make one and eat ½ the batter, bake the rest and eat it all before anyone comes home from work.  We have deprived ourselves of sugar to the point where we accidentally find ourselves drinking honey from the bear spout, wiping the dribble down our chin off and look around to see if anyone noticed.  Go off ALL gluten and when you went out to dinner last night they snuck, hid or magically placed a crouton in your salad and the flood gate opened up and you found yourself in a drunken stupor lying on your kitchen floor with bread crumbs all around you and you are gasping for “WATER, NEED WATER TO SWALLOW”!!
If we workout for 3 hours a day we can eat whatever we want but when we take exercise out of the equation healthy eating becomes necessary because otherwise…..the pounds come right back on.  Where was balance in the first place?  Exercising doesn’t give us free rein to eat like crap just because we burn the calories.  Health and wellness is about both sides of the coin and then the very thin in between.  Balanced diet, remember that?  The pyramid thing…..well that’s weird because I thought if you just take whole food groups out of it my body would work better.  45 minutes of exercise each day…..that’s dumb, that’s not even a whole class, 45 mins is only a 4 mile run, 45 mins isn’t near enough for US healthy people!
Balance is enough for ALL of us.  Eating a balanced diet, 45 minutes of exercise daily (NO not 3 hours crammed into 1 day then you get…how many off), mental health through quite time, nurturing your spirit.  Whole health and wellness is about small amounts of all these things.  It doesn’t have to take over your whole life.  Maybe you haven’t yet committed to health and wellness because it seems too hard and you don’t’ want to be “ONE OF THOSE” who is consumed by it.  You don’t have to be, it doesn’t have to take over.  A short amount of time each day is all that is required; it’s the amount f time you sit on FB each day, it’s less than the length of a movie…it doesn’t have to take over. 
Maybe you are one who is consumed with it, like I am….take the car out of overdrive and put it into neutral and coast a while.  Find that sweet spot in balance with all health components. 
Happenings today;
  • 1:30 pm – Zumba Gold @ YMCA Maple St.
  • 5:10 pm – Body Blast @ Portage YMCA
  • 7 pm – Water Fitness for Health @ Portage YMCA
St. Joseph County
  •  6:15 pm – Runners of Constantine, if you are interested in this run please shoot me an email and I will get you more information.
  • 7 pm – Advisory Meeting for St. Joseph County – ALL from St. Joseph County are welcome
How about today we just GLISTEN instead of a full on sweat.
Your Turn

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