Friday Email Submission

Good morning ladies,
It is Email Submission Friday; YEAH!!  Grab a box of tissues ladies because this is going to bring up some tears, remember crying is very healthy!  I met Christina on the 2nd week of the Three Rivers Couch 2 5K.  She made it ½ way through before she twisted her ankle, fractured it and was unable to continue with the group.  For so many this would be the end of the story, she quit right?  NOT A CHANCE!!  I discussed with her if she were ready she could help with the Constantine C 2 5K group and she started running before the group began so she could be just one step ahead, to ensure she could do it. 
So many of the women of Your Turn have weaseled their way in to becoming a piece of my heart, Christina has done that.  She is such an amazing inspiration due to her determination.  Thank you Christina for taking the change on Your Turn and giving this amazing gift back to yourself!
When I was a kid I was in Karate, basketball, Volleyball, and Softball. I would go to school every day, then practice after school, then after practice I would go work for three hours every night, then home to do homework. By this time I was so tried that I would not eat and go right to bed, so therefore I was only eating once a day. I did this all the way though school, but the turn around for me was when I watched my mom get hit by a car crossing my brother for school. She was a crossing guard for my school at this time. So when that happen I turned to food because I knew no different. My dad was there for us but we as kids had to step up to the plate. So my brothers and I did that, we took turn caring for my mom while doing sports,working, and homework at night.
Once my mom was able to come see us plays sports again I was over weight and none of the coaches would let me play because of my weight. This made me upset and I tried everything but nothing work for me at all. I turned to my mom for help but her being overweight did not help either. I was called every name in the book, went to practice night after night I worked my butt off and never played. I had one of my coaches even tell me that if I lost weight I could be his point guard for basketball but nothing helped me and I tried and tried, cried and cried but it did not matter because weight was still on.
So while in college I made new friends, played softball sometime not lots because of my weight. So now that I am a mom for my kids it is hard for me because I don’t want my kids to go though this and I want them to have the confidence in themselves that I never had.
I never had things handed to me and so when I run with these ladies it just makes it hard when I see them able to run and not have trouble. I ask myself what I am doing here running because I don’t fit it in with these ladies, but then I just tell myself its for me to get healthy and maybe to have my dream job one day.   So Mel, if I would have not meant you then things would not be looking up for me.
Love, Christina Swearinger
Christina ran her 1st 5K last Saturday with the Runners of Constantine, attached is the photo of her after the race. 
  • 8am – Saturday at Prairie View Park in Vicksburg MI – Girls Best Friend Triathlon – a few women of Your Turn will be participating, please come be inspired by what the body can do and by what these women achieve!!!
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