Salty Stuff from the Eyes

Good morning ladies,

I have been sitting this morning unsure what to write on, I asked for guidance and found myself reading other blogs on WordPress and came across one on crying.  It hit me because so many of YOU, Your Turn Inspirators, have mentioned many tears as you are moving forward toward your health and wellness goals.  Some have expressed it in question, as to WHY are they crying, why do they feel so emotional?  Some have expressed in as how healing it has been for them to really let loose and get those emotions out.

I am a crier; I cry at the thought of certain things, watching movies, even some commercials have been known to make me cry.  I cry at almost every race whether I am the one racing or not.  Crying is a BEAUTIFUL gift of release; regardless of the emotion it comes from.  Yesterday I was sitting on my porch reading a FB post from my brother-in-law laughing so hard I was crying and it felt so good to laugh that hard.

I am attaching the blog post here from the woman who wrote of Crying and I couldn’t agree with her more.  Don’t stuff it, don’t stop; cry yourself to a lighter feeling inside and out.

Happenings Today:

  • 7pm – Runners of Constantine at White Pigeon High School Track for week 5.  This is the mid-week point which is such an impressive accomplishment!  I look forward to seeing each of you there.

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