Race Day

Good morning ladies,

What a GREAT morning it is.  I have spent the past hour cutting up watermelon for the Watermelon, Mint, Lime Slushy Your Turn will be preparing for the Back 2 School Health Fair at the Constantine High School today from 11:30-12:30.  In addition to preparing those slushies we will also be preparing Blue Berry Crepes (this time with cinnamon in the batter, GREAT idea Sarah Gilbert).  Healthy eating can be fun and delicious!!!

A few great events are taking place today in St. Joseph County; 1 being the Three Rivers Triathlon that a few Your Turn Inspirators are participating in.  GO Karen and Mary; those are the two I know of for sure.  They will certainly be getting their sweat on by swimming, biking then running!

The other main attraction of the day is the Back 2 School 5K in Constantine.  This is the race that the Runners of Constantine have been training for and are currently READY for!!!  This is more than just any race for these women, this was their GOAL race.  The race they set their mind on that they would PR.  The race that they were going to GO ALL IN for.  I am thrilled to have been a part of the training experience with them but now the race is here and it is all in the mind.  The body is ready, the race, any race, is in the mind.  You have to want it, you have to know you can get it, you have to believe you have taken all the right steps to accomplishing this that you have set out to accomplish.

You can set out to finish or you could set out to push yourself to the finish line.  Those are two very different ways of looking at a race.  Sometimes just finishing IS the biggest accomplishment and sometimes you know you can just finish you need to know if you can push it that extra bit, make that last ditch effort; it’s a RACE.  They call it a race for a reason!

Take the day ladies; take this moment you all have worked so hard for and make it count.  Show your body what it can do!  Give it that last bit you have in you, the pride you will feel upon completing it will be payment for the discomfort you feel while running in it.

I know many of you will be Getting Your Sweat On; I am excited to witness it!

Your Turn



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