Fear Mixed with Excitement

Good morning ladies,

You know that tingle in your tummy when someone mentions something that seems a little outrageous?  That feeling of I would love to…nope, then the “I can’t do that”, “How would my friends react”, “My husband wouldn’t like that”, statement slips out of your mouth before you even realize it.  Is it fear, is it excitement?

It’s a combination of BOTH and it typically means you need to shut up the “I can’t do that” and stick with the” I would love to” initial thought.  Forget the “HOW” forget the “CAN”T” and latch onto “LOVE” and “TRY” instead.

What would happen if you did something CRAZY, OUTRAGEOUS or WILD?  Would your husband really just leave you, would your friend stop talking to you forever, would the world open up and swallow you whole?  That tingle in your tummy that is a mixture of fear, because it’s new, excitement, because it’s unlike the normal things you do means you are on the brink of something GREAT!  You are opening yourself up to the possibility of taking on a new challenge which is a GREAT part of being alive.

We are here to LIVE life, not just let it slip through our fingers.  We are meant to FEEL life not just sit on the side lines watching everyone else do it.  We are meant to LOVE life, not be so afraid of the “what if” or “how would that happen”.

Why do we watch TV shows where they are always having exciting things happen to them, watching the fake lives of others meeting new and exciting people.  We have new and exciting people right here in Kalamazoo, Three Rivers, Constantine……wherever you are there are new and exciting people you just have to bother leaving your safety zone and meeting them.  We spend so much time WATCHING sports on TV, how about we play a game of football with our adult friends who also do NOT know how to throw or catch. Give a tackle in the grass and laugh so hard we have tears rolling down our cheeks because someone split their pants.  That, my friends, is living LIFE!

That tingle in your tummy, stop saying NO to it and start having it be a regular part of your life.  Ask a friend to do something that gives them that tingle.  Be that exciting person that everyone wants to or should want to meet; be that one who is wanted because of the level of excitement they bring to the party.  Get silly, get hooting and hollering FUN, learn to love the TINGLE and ACT on it!

As you can probably read I awoke this morning ready to TAKE ON THE DAY.  I am going to get my TINGLE on, I’m not sure how yet but I am working on it.

Get Your Tingle On

Your Turn



2 thoughts on “Fear Mixed with Excitement

  1. I’m 20 years old, and decided to take a year off school because I had no idea what I wanted to do anymore. My parents keep asking me what I’m going to do after this year, they both want me to go back to school. But, the thing is, I wasn’t going to school for me, I was going because it was expected of me. Lately, I’ve been thinking that I don’t want to go back to school, I want to go out and figure what I want to do for myself. But anytime I even think about what I want to do, I get that tingle, and wonder what my parents would say. Your post has helped me realize that it’s MY life, not theirs and I need to start living it for myself. Thanks so much 🙂

    • I LOVE that!!! As a parent I struggle with my children finding their path which is different than the one I envisioned for them but it is their life and it is yours. The GREAT thing about parents is we love you, our children, regardless we just have this awful habit of “worrying” about things like security and safety.
      Good luck on your journey; I trust you will do GREAT things along your path. 🙂

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