Change the Subconscious Mind

Good morning ladies,

I am like a dog with a good bone; excited, anticipatory and nervous someone will take it away from me because I am making a mess all over the rug (not literally).  I have believed since my weight loss and subsequent spiritual understanding that you cannot FIX any one part of us without the mind being changed.  Back last fall I read everything I could get my hands on in regards to meditation and a deeper understanding of the Laws of the Universe and recently I have begun a new quest for knowledge on the unconscious, subconscious and conscious brain.  It is unbelievably fascinating.

The reason I find it so amazing is because it is real and once you understand how YOUR subconscious and conscious brain interacts together you can make the changes you desire.  I believe my weight loss and desire to become a faster runner and subsequent injury all began in my mind and my body followed along.  I didn’t just desire to lose weight; I knew I would be thin fit and active, PERIOD.  I knew I was moving in a forward manner toward my goal.  I didn’t question it, I didn’t think I would be losing weight forever; I knew I was going to be a certain weight.  My body took over from there and had me doing everything to get me to that goal.  I know my weight loss began in my mind.

Earlier this year I decided I wanted to be a fast runner and I considered fast to be as fast as Jimmy.  I was a steady 9 min miler since the marathon but I wanted to be fast.  I kept repeating to myself that I am a fast runner and I will tell you before you knew it I ran a 20:56 5K; that shit is fast.  I didn’t doubt my ability, I didn’t question how I was going to get there, I KNEW I would be and was a fast runner.  I decided what I wanted and my body moved me in that direction.  Ken offered to do sprints and I now struggle with going out for a run for ease anymore, when I run I run fast, PERIOD.

During my fast running I became afraid, not that I would be a fast runner but that I wouldn’t finish the race in under 20 mins.  I started talking to my friend Ann about how I probably wasn’t going to hit that mark even though I had been training for it.  I began thinking about my sore Achilles and sooner than soon it started to give me difficulties.  I became focused on how I walked, if it was bothering me, how it felt in the morning vs how it felt in the evening and especially how it felt after a sprint workout.  I saw a PT and low and behold I need therapy on it.  I made this happen.  My mind went from fear to injury in a matter of 3 weeks.

I began reading about the power of suggestion and the ability of the subconscious mind to change us in a positive or negative way.  Over the weekend I read two books, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy and The Alpha Solution For Permanent Weight Loss by Ronald J Glassman PH.D with Mollie Doyle.  Both of these books solidified the belief I had in regards to the power of our mind and gave me great insight and understanding as to how it works (on a very basic level).

We all know exactly how to be healthy in our bodies; proper nutrition, stress reduction, movement…..blah blah blah.  If it were as easy as that we would all be exactly the size we desired to be but for so many it isn’t as easy as that.  We push, pull and drag ourselves to a place where we believe we should be and do what we should be doing but it doesn’t last or we can’t stop the self-sabotage.   It boils down to something in our subconscious that we don’t know, understand or even if we do we can’t seem to shake.

I am struggling with saying, go buy these books but I will say that I didn’t understand any of this at the onset of my journey but it worked for me anyway.  I changed my mind.  I was no longer fat, I was a fast runner and I feared I wouldn’t be able to meet my desired time goal and each of those things occurred within an amazingly short period of time.

Your Turn is about mind, body and spirit health and wellness.  I know so many of you trying to do it the body way and that it isn’t working, what does that say to you.  I know what it says to me.

–          10am @ Maple St. YMCA is the Your Turn Gathering.  We are going to be discussing the mind and health and wellness further.  I look forward to seeing YOU there.

Get Your Sweat On

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