Friday Email Submission

Good morning ladies,
This is a message from a RUNNER from Constantine gearing up for their race on August 18th.  She is writing about the 1st run that wasn’t about time but about distance; it is definitely challenging but she made it through and is a champion because of it.  This email is about running but the basic message is about support and perseverance.
It’s been wonderful running with the Constantine Your Turn Women. They are friendly and inspiring ladies. Last Monday was the day we ran the school’s track. It was harder than I anticipated and for a bit there I lost my confidence. Thankfully, I made it because of the support others offered me on those last four laps. This is what belonging to YTW is all about! We’re getting down to the last few days and here are some of the lessons I learned. I hope they help you get ready for the 18th. I won’t be at Monday’s practice, but I’ll practice on my trip and see you at the 5K. Here is my list:
1. Keep running. Any amount of distance is an achievement. The idea is to keep moving.
2. Slow down and enjoy the time out. Find a lovely place to jog.
3. Run with people even if you think you slow them down. It builds friendships and also distracts you while you’re huffing along.
4. It is natural to struggle with physical ups and down. Some days are just harder than others. It’s like the ever-changing weather. I learned this when we ran the track. I thought it would be a breeze, but it wasn’t.
5. Toss out negative thoughts. Recognize how you feel or think, but then diffuse the power of those beliefs by countering them. For instance, when I feel I’m weak, I say “but I’m growing stronger right now”. When I feel like a slacker if I need to stop and rest, I say “at least I’m running”. When I feel old I say “but it’s so cool that you’re aging well”. When I feel frumpy, I look down at my cool shoes!!!
6. Remember three important words: “Yes you can!”
Carol Ryan
I hope each of you reading this make the time for the support that women of Your Turn offer to you.  One opportunity is to come to Spring Valley Crossing on Sunday at 2pm to take part in the bounty that our gardens are offering up to us.  Please RSVP if you are planning to attend as we want to ensure there is enough food to go around.  See you then!
Also on Monday we have a Your Turn Gathering at Maple St. YMCA at 10am.  At our gatherings we discuss goals and how you are moving toward reaching those; having struggles, share them with us and listen to the experiences of others and how they moved through similar ones.
Your Turn

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