Pressure Release

Good Morning
It is so exciting to hear women talking about the bounty from their gardens and the delicious meals that they can prepare.  My garden well, lets just say bountiful would be a stretch. My tomato plant resembles that of Charlie Browns Christmas tree.  No cukes just yet not even the size of a pickle. I am not losing hope!  I am always amazed to hear about women canning the bushels of fruits and vegetables. Thank goodness for farmers markets and friends that share. When growing up my mother shared a garden with a friend. I remember spending days from dawn til dusk with the whistling sound of the pressure cooker and laughter.  I remember watching in aw at how much work my mom was willing to do for entire days throughout the summer. She was a single mother of four struggling to make ends meet. It never occurred to me that the time she was spending in Susies kitchen was also her time to release the pressure.
This Sunday August 12 at 2:00 I would love for you to join us at Spring Valley Crossing to spend just an hour or two in the kitchen for our Fresh Farmers Market Cooking.  Share ideas, learn something new, or just enjoy the pressure release of being with women in the kitchen laughing.
Get Your Sweat On Today!

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