Let’s Talk About Sex

Good morning ladies,

Watch your eyes because I am going to get a little RACEY!  Let’s talk about sex.  Sex is such a taboo subject but it is a part of our overall health and wellbeing.  Let’s face it, we’re grown-ups; sex is a good thing.  We use sex, especially in marriage for so much more than just fun; it’s a bribe, it’s a consolation prize, it’s an effort when we are trying to make babies, and it’s a gift.

There is something to be said for feeling sexy; there’s something to be said for being told you are looking awfully sexy; and there is something to be said for KNOWING you are looking awfully SEXY.  There are some women who have been losing enough weight and gaining enough confidence to be feeling and hearing all those things.

I talk a little too much, probably, about the negative reactions coming from our husbands but let me just tell you there is a flip side to that negativity which is, “Honey, you are looking HOT!”  “Look at your body, it is GEORGOUS!”  Our husbands may not love the time we spend at the gym or out on the road but I promise they are noticing the changes that are happening because of it and they are LOVING it (I’m speaking majority here)!!!

During the dating game we are all, shirt off the shoulder flipping the hair around and then we get married and have kids and we are a little too much sweat pants and don’t touch me because I have a headache.  The difference is we feel different; not as often are we wanted and not as often do we even feel like being wanted.  After being pawed at all day long from the kids being pawed at by our husbands doesn’t sound like so much fun.  We stopped being playful and teasing and sexy and that is sad because those are great parts of being a grown up.

Somewhere in my weight loss as I began to feel more confident in myself and Jimmy really started to notice how my body was changing he was a little close up when I was folding laundry.  He was a little like, “you want to come upstairs for a minute” on a Saturday afternoon and because I was feeling so great about myself I was OK with all of that.  We had 6 months of sexy fun as my libido was on the rise and so was his.  It’s a good thing, it’s a proud moment when you stop feeling so “mommy” and start feeling so “HELLO HUSBAND”.

We are not a culture that speaks of sex in much a way outside of hookers, trashy tv shows, and adultery between movie starts; loving the way you look and feel and knowing that you are sexy and wanted makes us feel good and loved and more loving toward our partner.  Changing toward being healthy has a role in feeling that way.  Being and feeling sexually desired IS a great thing; there is nothing like the knowing that comes from an “oh baby” kind of look.

Hearing the stories from these women that are all about sex on the rise is AWESOME!  The embarrassed smiles that come from, “he was totally checking me out” is beauty like none other.

How sexy are you feeling toward yourself and your partner?  Changing your health habits can have some pretty great, “I’m in the mood” moments that are to be treasured and giggled about.  Do something sexy this week; something daring.  Be open to the comments on how great you are looking and cherish them.  Be proud to give an extra big kiss upon leaving or arriving, see what it stirs up.

What a GREAT way to Get Your Sweat On tonight!  I welcome thanks from any of the men in your life in the way of gift cards, cash and edible arrangements 🙂

Your Turn



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