Friday Email

Hello everyone,

My name is Berta and if you are a member at the YMCA or
attending gatherings at Maple, I am sure our paths have crossed. I am addressing
you all today as a re-formed athlete because of the motivation I found being an
inspirator with Your Turn. This journey to self empowerment and improvement
began in Novemeber 2011. Mel and I locked eyes, she shared her vision with me,
and from that moment on I have been inspired by the many women that have been
impacted by this movement.

I was once an athlete… that was a phrase I
used to say often when I ran out of breath or gave up on an activity due to my
weight. Yes, I could play with my kids and run around with them, but I couldn’t
run around the block or play volleyball for more than 15-20minutes without
hurting the next day. I needed a change and the motivation to do it. My chance
meeting with Mel and the enveloping support of Your Turn has given me the drive
to improve my health.

I realized that I can continue to be a good mother
and worker and still make time to take care of myself so that I will be present
( and healthy) when my children are adults.I have learnedĀ  I can make goals to
promote my health and well being and not just plans for the kids activities and
papers I need to write. I plan to run in my first half marathon on September 1st
and I now play beach volleyball every Thursday night! I needed the motivation
and the support to begin my weight loss journey, I am becoming a fearless and
fit woman as a result of the community of Your turn. Thank you



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