Me Too

Good Morning
I hope you are soaking up the energy from the sun and all of the excitement that surrounds you.  I know I have mentioned before that I thought by age 40 I would have learned all of lifes lessons.   Some lessons we get to celebrate with AHA moments. Others well, we learn from our mistakes.  All week I faced the consequences of not standing up for myself and placing value on my time.  It created calendar chaos and with all the rescheduling I missed my favorite track workout (doesn’t sound like much but I really love it and told myself I would not miss it for ANYTHING).  It is unbelievable how one small mistake can fill your spirit with malignant negativity. Finally I had one last call to make, to let someone know that I had to reschedule. I did not make excuses, I simply explained what I had done. The voice on the other end of the phone said ” I would have done the same thing”.  You would have thought the sky opened and the Heavens started to sing!  The anvil lifted from my accordian body and I regained all 64 inches of height back.  Ding Ding this round is over, the boxing gloves came off and I quit beating myself up.  Support comes in so many shades. It is easy to give constructive critisizm, opinions, and share knowledge. All of which are helpful. Sometimes it is simply hearing that you’re not alone.
I hope you can make it to the Gathering at Bronson Athletic Club today at 12:10.  You never know what seven words you might say that will give another person the strength they need.
Get Your Sweat On!

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