You Are an Olympian

Good morning ladies,

For me the Olympics is my heart; I cannot tell you which sport I LOVE most. I can tell you the ones I don’t understand as well but I will be sitting on my bum or using up all of the memory in my DVR to record them. Why do I love it so much….because these are people, people who overcome struggles of time management and money. These are people just like YOU and I; just people who have decided to take charge.

They have a goal, they KNOW where they want to be and they are willing to push, pull and drag themselves there. They, the Olympians, are my heroes. I love the back story on how they were injured but look at them now, I love the back story on how she, a boxer from Flint, made a choice to either have 10 children before 24, “to show her mother that you can LOVE all your children” or learn to box. Boxing has taken her to the Olympics, she probably feels she made the best choice here.  Flint Olympic Boxer

I woke up this morning thinking about the countries walking last night in the Opening Ceremonies and how they are all the same because they all decided. See, no one could decided to get to this level in their sport; it had to be a personal choice, it’s the same for all people. YOU have to decide who you want to be, what you want to look like, the level of health you want to have, the level of fitness you want to have. We can ALL do it! Just decide it. Your body knows what to do; decide what you want to do and let you body take the lead.

When you decide to make dinner…do you then, as an idea for dinner comes to you, do you tell your body it’s too hard, it’ll take too much time? What is that, that is your mind change the decision of your body. Your BODY LOVES, CRAVES, DESIRES health. Your mind, the conscious mind, tries to talk you out of it with reason after reason of why not, why you can’t, why you shouldn’t, whose feelings you’re going to hurt. Follow the body, tell you mind to shush…follow the body. Your conscious mind will come along in time.

HERE’S A DON’T FORGET!!! Tomorrow, Gazelle Sports from 12-5pm, come downtown and support YOUR TURN by getting a free gift from Brooks. Yes, I know that parking is not fun but I’ll be there and I’m fun! Dawn will be there and she’s fun! It’ll be worth it! See you tomorrow!,default,pg.html Brooks Cavalcade of Curiosities!

Make sure you check out the Calendar our events for the month of August are up. See each of you VERY VERY soon!

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