Friday Email Submission

Good morning ladies,

Before we get to the Friday Email I want to welcome some new Your Turn Inspirators to Your Turn and the email chain. We have begun a new Couch 2 5K, White Pigeon and quite a large group got started. Ladies of White Pigeon, I hope you find inspiration and encouragement from the emails we send out. Please, as you move through your health and wellness journey keep in mind that you are not only doing this for yourselves but also for those around you; you ARE an inspiration!

Thank you, again, Carol for this Friday Email.

Last week, I wrote about completing my first 3 miles without stopping. That day I felt like I had superpowers. It was awesome. The following run, I hit the 3 miles again which was encouraging, but I struggled more during the second run. Then came Sunday, the third workout for the week. I barely got to 1.5 miles! I was weak, whiny and defeated. The run was miserable and I returned home grouchy. Suddenly I feared the upcoming 5K wondering if I would ever be ready to complete the 3 miles. I was back to self defeating thoughts. “I can’t do it”. “This will hurt me.” “I am unfit.” “There’s something wrong with me.” “I’m a wimp.” “I will embarrass myself.” Blah, blah, blah. I know you have some of your own worries so I don’t need to write more. As Monday approached, I still felt sore, sick of the heat, and emotionally unsteady. I didn’t want to go to the Constantine group, but I missed the week before and knew I needed to be there. I want to overcome my obstacles. I’m tired of wishing for different things while I watch other people accomplish their dreams. Some days I don’t have enough internal resources to pull myself out of my funk. I believe I possess the ability, but sometimes I need help tapping into my internal resources. Feeling defeated is like getting lost on a road trip. I need a map to make a course correction. Emotionally, I need the encouragement of others which is why I’m excited about Your Turn Women.

When you don’t want to come out to a Your Turn practice is probably when you need to come. I’m soooo glad I went to Constantine this week. I ran alongside several runners that were super slow. They huffed and sweat like crazy. I noticed we all vary in fitness levels, age, and experience. One runner kept apologizing for her pace, but what she didn’t know was that her struggles helped me. I sweat that hard too! I struggle and groan too! She gave me permission to adjust my pace. She removed the stigma of going slower because she eased up despite being more fit than I am. I thought I was slowing down, but when I ran at their pace I felt much better afterward. I learned that the goal is to keep advancing toward healthy living. That has nothing to do with mileage and speed. I looked back on Sunday and recognized that I pressed too hard. I was impatient and I wanted to get the run finished before it got too hot outside. I was unaware that I was pulling myself up the hills (there are tons around my home) by straining my neck and leaning too far forward. That’s why my back and neck hurt so much. When I ran on Tuesday, I focused on posture and slowed down. I kept myself upright throughout the run and I did not get sore this time. I let my stubbly little legs take itsy bitsy strides. Guess what?! I reached the 3 miles again. Yeah for me!!

So where are you today? Are you worried you don’t have what it takes? Are you fearful about August 18th? Well, toss those thoughts to the wind. We all can run 3 miles. The question is how fast and whether or not we stop to walk. Who cares about those things? Will the time or pace make that much of a difference in the overall goal of fitness. NO! If I stop during the 5 K, it won’t matter. The victory will be in showing up and running. I hope you’ll be there with me.

Carol Ryan

I know this email is about running and not all on this chain are runners but the message is for ALL who are striving toward a healthier lifestyle. YOU CAN; YOU CAN; YOU CAN…..if you want to YOU WILL; YOU WILL; YOU WILL. Give yourself mental permission to succeed!
Please check out the calendar of events on our Your Turn Blog

Happenings Today:
9am & noon – Kettle Bell @ Maple St. YMCA
10:30am – Weight Lifting @ Maple St. YMCA
7:30pm – Night Life Zumba@ Epic Theater downtown Kalamazoo – 359 S. Kalamazoo Mall – Join us for Zumba, NIGHTCLUB STYLE! Melanie LaChance, Sara Burhans, Maria Schaefer, and Erin Wheeler will lead you in a night of dance fitness fun! This event includes an hour and a half of Zumba, healthy snacks and water, raffles, and Zumbawear and accessories for sale. Portion of the proceeds to benefit The Gryphon Place in Kalamazoo. COST IS ONLY $10 per person. Ages 12 and over are welcome. Seating available for those that do not want to dance. Doors open at 7:30pm.

Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn


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