Say Cheese!

Good Morning!

Say Cheese! Imagine that you are a reality star and the cameras are following you all day today. How do you want to be portrayed? Keep in mind the paparazzi makes bad choices look even worse!!! I have never been one to shy away from cameras. Not because I am over confident and have super model features. I am not and I don’t! But because pictures and stories are an important record of who we are and what we have done in our lifetime. Just as important as your own bucket list, are the people that you shared the experience with. Who is going to share your story? I have heard all too often “I don’t want to be in the picture” or “I’m not going to do it in front of all these people”.

I was recently at a funeral and the minister asked if anyone would like to share a story about the person. Cricket, Cricket….No One! Sadly this person had done many amazing things in his lifetime. However, he very seldom included anyone in his journey. It was a life changing moment for me. I decided not only to set my goals but to include as many people as I possibly can and get the picture!!!!! I want a room full people with “remember when we” moments.

I want to leave this world with my great grandchildren knowing that I met the Ultra Marathon runner that won the Leadville 100.
And yes I had my hand on his butt for the picture!!!!!

I know that you have some amazing stories. Don’t stop! Continue to make the next chapter even more exciting. Add as many colorful characters as you can. Be the partner in crime that not only encourages someone to achieve their goal, but is right next to them in the picture! Today is going to be a great day!

Get Your Sweat On!


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