Meet Shirley; she is such an inspiration to me, Mel, and I hope she will be to you too! You are NEVER too old, too tired or to unfit to become healthier!

From Average to Fabulous

Tell me or show me! When and where do you workout? Are you doing anything different this round? Or is it your first time exercising? Is there anything that you’d like to do? but not yet done?

Exercise! Something I rarely did, mostly I think because it just was too much of an effort.

The first time I looked at Michelle’s exercise plans I knew, for me, it was unrealistic. It wasn’t that I was making excuses, at least not toally that, just that I knew that at my weight and age and state of knees etc, it just wasn’t physically possible … yet.

So I decided to walk. At first I could just make 1 km but time the fitness test came I was walking 2 – 3 km a day. My time wasn’t great but I was happy I was doing anything … and once I had dumped…

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  1. Hi Mel :)Thank you so much for re-blogging me :). I am not thrilled with that photo lol but I know the next on will be better. I have just signed up for the next round so it’s onwards and downwards :). Following you as well 🙂

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