Cleaning House

Good morning ladies,

Getting this email started has been a challenge this morning; I don’t know why.  My thought was about cleaning house and how we should be thinking about our own windows vs. discussing how dirty the neighbor’s windows are.  It’s it so much easier to talk about them though?

It is so easy to criticize what another is or isn’t doing that we think is in their best interests.  She should be eating better, look at her pound those nachos (I’ve been there, I’ve thought that).  If only she ditched that man in her life, she would be much happier (I’ve thought that).  Can’t she see that all she needs to do it……If only she could stick to ……

We have ALL the answers for most everyone we know to live a beautiful, peaceful, healthy life and yet….have we looked at our own.  AHHHH, not so much; it is much more challenging to look inward at our own self.

I just met you and immediately I thought, she should have worn different shoes with that outfit…have I looked at my own feet; I wear running shoes, a special pair of flats, or my Nike flip flops that don’t make the flip flop noise.  You just met me and you thought, her kids are WILD….she needs to give them more discipline and yet your kids are grown and gone and you have forgotten how they circled the car 4 times before you grabbed them by the arm and PUT them in.  We just met you and we discussed later how much you really need to lose some weight and it would probably be easier if you would NOT have eaten that second helping of Brie; yes, we discussed you the whole ride home together.

We all do it; we spend so much time thinking and focusing on what YOU are or are NOT doing that you CERTAINLY should be doing or NOT doing.  When exactly do we begin to look inward?  How do we begin to look inward when we are afraid of what we may find?  We are so judgmental of others how could we really look at ourselves and not feel that way about ME?

Just like moving toward a healthy lifestyle; not a crash diet or rigorous exercise regime but with small steps.  For me it was the beginning process of meditation; sitting without noise, for 1 minute without judging myself for ANYTHING and believe me when I tell you I have plenty to judge myself on.  Telling myself when I realized I was being judgmental of others, “do not contemplate about them AT ALL; come back to me, what I am doing right now”.  It’s a process, nothing to be achieved over night or even in a lifetime but it, like eating carrots over chips, gets easier over time.

Remind yourself today that it is not for you to judge me; it is not for me to judge you; focus on yourself.  What are you moving toward, where are you right now, how does it feel to be doing X?  Begin the steps to bringing it back to you, which is exactly where it should be (was that judgmental?)

It is WEDNESDAY; the very 1st day of the White Pigeon Couch 2 5K!!!  I am so thankful Maggie got in touch with Your Turn to help support her on her road to health and wellness.

7pm at the White Pigeon High School Track

Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn



2 thoughts on “Cleaning House

  1. It is hard. I have a dear friend who is very overweight and its all I can do to smack those fries out of her hand. However, I know she knows that she is not healthy and when she is ready, then and only then will she be able to do what needs to be done to be well.

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