I found this blog post to be thought provoking and within a belief system I have. I hope you enjoy it!

Health At Every Size® Blog

by Fall Ferguson, JD, MA

My friend and colleague Bill Fabrey (founder of NAAFA and current Board Member of ASDAH) recently used the phrase Healthier At Every Size in an email thread. I started thinking about how, maybe, just maybe, a weight-neutral, health-focused approach is really always a Healthier At Every Size approach. Thinking about “healthier” versus “health” inspired me to return to my ongoing exploration of how we define health … hence this blog post.

No Such Thing as Perfect Health

Have you ever noticed how the phrase “in perfect health”—whether used in a news report or in conversation—is almost always followed by the information that the supposedly perfectly healthy person had a fatal heart attack or contracted a deadly disease? And let’s face it, people who promise you perfect health are almost always trying to sell you something. Because (IMO) no responsible health care practitioner would…

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