Brooks Run Happy Cavalcade of Curiosities

Good morning ladies,
Obviously I slept in; that is an occurrence that has begun happening more and more frequently as summer has progressed. I loved my early morning quiet vs. being awoken by boys climbing atop me asking for food and chocolate milk. I want to get back on track!
I am excited to write this email. Our wonderful YT Inspirator Ann, who has been out in Seattle, is one of YT’s biggest cheerleaders. She is constantly touting the benefits she feels from being involved, which makes a big smile across my face, and she is always asking for help or input or resources from the people she knows and meets. While she was having a wonderful time volunteering for the Rock n Roll Marathon in Seattle she happened to introduce herself to the Brooks, a running shoe and Apparel Company, representative. She began talking, as she does in her excited fashion, about YT and what we do but also the needs we have; shoes, larger sized women’s apparel, money, resources to help us help the Inspirators of Your Turn. It ended up that they began to exchange emails and Brooks offered the first Olive Branch; a special gift to any woman who comes to the Brooks Run Happy Cavalcade of Curiosities that is coming to Gazelle Sports on July 29th from 12-5pm.
Here is a copy of the email Angie, the Brooks representative sent to Ann;
Step Right Up! The Brooks Run Happy Cavalcade of Curiosities is making its way to Michigan! Please join us on Sunday, July 29th from 12pm-5pm for some fun at Gazelle Sports!
The Brooks custom double-decker bus features free running gait analysis on the upper level and an Arcade of Oddities on the lower level. The Arcade of Oddities “museum” displays running wonders such as the world’s biggest shoe, the legendary “Bunion Boy’s” malady preserved and pulsating in a jar, and other strange and memorable exhibits.
Visitors will enjoy giveaways and prizes, and trained staff will be on hand at each stop to perform gait analyses, demonstrate Brooks DNA technology, and provide Brooks running shoe try-ons to find the perfect ride for every visitor’s stride.
As a member of the Your Turn Women Team you’ll receive an additional prize for attending. Please mention you’re with this team at the Prize table and you’ll receive an additional gift for stopping by!
Hope to see you there!
Gazelle Sports
214 South Kalamazoo Mall
Kalamazoo, MI 49007
(269) 342-5996
Visit for more information.
19910 North Creek Parkway | Suite 200 Bothell, Washington USA | 98011-8215
I also stopped by Gazelle’s to talk to Lexie and Rob about this event and if Your Turn Inspirators attend and bring a friend if the friend signs up to become a part of Your Turn they can receive the gift also. This was given an “absolutely”. So I or Dawn will be there in our YT shirts meeting, greeting, with camera in hand, and letting your friends and family receive the benefit from Brooks but also the benefit of Your Turn.
Please understand that for Your Turn this isn’t just about the gift but about the larger picture. Our hope is to work with Brooks in the future on opportunities that benefit both Your Turn and Brooks. I would, personally, appreciate ALL of you to stop by and pick up that gift. I would LOVE it if you brought a friend for them to receive a gift too.
Your Turn has also received a stack of flyer’s from Gazelle’s for a gift from them for attending the festivities of the day, catch up with me before hand and I will give you one.
I look forward to seeing each of YOU there on Sunday, July 29th from 12-5pm.
Happening Today:
  • 9am & noon – Kettle Bell @ Maple St. YMCA
  • 1:30pm – Zumba Gold @ Maple St. YMCA
  • 7pm – Water Fitness @ Portage YMCA
As I hated to make this email any longer I did write an inspirational blog post at Your Turn Blog – Small Steps Check it out!
Get Your Sweat On
Your Turn

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