Small Steps

Good VERY EARLY morning,

You know when you are in the middle of something, it could be anything, and you think to yourself, “this isn’t so bad, I don’t know why I wasted so much time worrying about it”?

I do that with cleaning the bathroom; I don’t know why because we have a small bathroom and it would only take me 20 mins, maybe, to clean it top to bottom but I don’t like to.  There has NEVER been a time that I have cleaned the bathroom that it has been horrible or more than I could bare or not worth while.  I stand next to the potty when I am finished and everything smells slightly like bleach and orange, because of the floor cleaner I use, and I LOVE IT!  I LOVE it when I am done.  I feel like a weight has been lifted from me and I think, every single time, “why do I agonize about doing this chore so much when it brings me so much pleasure when I am finished?  Next time I am just going to do it and not think about it first”.  It doesn’t happen, I repeat the same crazy cycle over and over again.

It’s like that with health I think.  We know what we should be doing, we aren’t ignorant to the fact that movement and less caloric intake creates a healthier body.  We know we shouldn’t AGONIZE over a wrong that has been done to us or that we have done because it’s over but we do anyway.  I know why because it seems hard, it seems like work, it seems like we are NEVER going to get to the end result; that result may be physical fitness, lower body weight, a calm and peaceful mind.

The problem is we go too big.  We decide we are going to lose weight and we cut out every bit of YUMMY food that we are used to and eat a raw vegetarian diet, TOMORROW.  Well, chances are that doesn’t last.  We are going to get fit so that means I am going to go out and run a mile when we haven’t walked a mile in 6 years.  Well, chances are THAT doesn’t last.  We decide we are going to begin a meditation routine and sit pissed for 30 mins and can’t understand how this is supposed to make us feel better.  Well, chances are you don’t try that again.

We are an all or nothing society, for the most part.  We like our food BIG, we like our rock solid body after the 1st work out, we expect everything to fall into place because we filled out that application.  Not going to happen!  What do they say about getting back to pre-pregnancy weight; at least the full amount of time you were pregnant; well for most of us that’s like 10 months, not TODAY!  It takes time, small steps toward the goal.  Enjoying the process of the goal, savor the small things like you didn’t eat a big mac today.  You got in the pool to swim even if you didn’t get 1 length.  You filled out and turned in that application or resume.  Small step lead to big results; have you forgotten about that cocky rabbit against that steady turtle?

It’s almost Sunday and Monday is right around the corner, that’s when all new things happen right….on Monday; I’ll start then.  How bout it you start right now by putting down that midnight snack or only eating 1/2 of it.  When you go grocery shopping tomorrow plan on buying to eat 1 healthy dinner and packing 1 healthy lunch instead of going out to eat for lunch and picking up fast food for dinner.  Decided, when you pull into the parking lot of Meijer, to park in the back of the lot instead of circling around 10 times for the closest.  One small step.

It’s late, get some sleep but tomorrow when you awake take that small step; don’t put it off any longer because it’s really NOT THAT BAD!

Get Your Sweat On



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