I am ______

Good morning,

Where would you categorize, in terms of years, yourself in this statement, “I am ______”  Are you too old?  Are you too young?  Are you too busy?

Again I find myself in a mode of contemplation due to the loss of a family member and I wonder what his thoughts to finishing this statement would have been shortly before he passed away.  I awoke thinking in terms of years; like my son, the one who is 6, asks to do certain things and I find myself telling him, “you are too young to do that, you need to wait till you’re a little older”.  During “family raising years” I and many others I am sure, find themselves being put in the category of “I am just too busy”.  Then as we age I hear others saying, “I’m too old to do that”.

Now, I think since that movie “Bucket List” it seems to have given people the lift they needed to give something a try that has been on their minds.  So many times I have heard, “I’ve checked that off my bucket list” or “that is on my bucket list”.

What is something if you weren’t too young, too busy or too old that you would love to do for yourself?  My new current desire is going to France to watch, in person, the Tour de France. But in the recent past I have also checked off many of the things I have wanted to do as I stopped fearing so much.  I chopped all my hair off and died it black.  I ran a marathon.  I started a movement.  I am writing a book.  Those are all things that are about MY LOVE, MY DESIRE, MY BODY; these are true gifts I have given myself.

Those things I did for me took and take time and money away from my family but because I am so much happier as a person, because I feel accomplished and liberated I give so much more back to them.  I have many more smiles and encouraging words and excitement that they think is better than the crabby mom of before.  I guess I lost topic here but my point is, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  Too young is a possibility when starting a fire but too busy……really you can’t make any time to move toward what a desire of yours is?  Too old……is that really the excuse you want to take down with you when you pass away……You couldn’t have made time to go to that restaurant you wanted to try?  You couldn’t find any time to learn to play the piano?  Are you really too old to go on that trip of a lifetime?

Life is here, you are in it so why not fill that time with accomplishing or at least giving a try to a desire of your heart?  I’ll bet that once you give one desire a try, feel the intoxication of it you won’t be too old to try a different desire.  Chances are you will make the time to feel that good again and feeling that good somehow makes us feel a little younger.  Somehow you will be able to arrange your schedule so you are not quite so busy to do_____ (you fill it in).

Get out a piece of paper and write down a desire, a silly one or a completely selfishly indulgent one…see how you can chip away at making it happen.  A dollar saved here, scheduling 3 months out there, calling in a favor here, planting the seed of desire in the minds of those close to you there…..

Roll it out, there is no time like this moment.

Get Your Sweat On



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