Friday Email from YT Inspirator

Good morning ladies,
Again I find myself so inspired by this letter from Carol, a very new, Your Turn Inspirator.  I asked Carol to contribute because of the thoughtful and encouraging emails she sends me.  I knew she would be able to share a great story about her own journey.  Enjoy and check out the photo of her having just achieved a GREAT milestone!

Hi Ladies,

I’m a newbie to Your Turn and got acquainted with Melodie when I joined the Constantine group.  I was excited to hear that a local Couch to 5K group was beginning.  A year ago I officially started the Couch program.  It was July 4th and I was at a party having fun.  During the conversation, I mentioned that I was trying to walk/run but I wasn’t able to ever get over my problem with running. The woman I spoke with was a runner who reassured me that if I could walk, I could run.  I was skeptical, but to my surprise, she offered to run with me right then; right in the middle of corn on the cob, hamburgers, baked beans, potato salad and dessert.  I was actually afraid that I might not make it especially after eating. Again, she reassured me that we would only run a few seconds at time and we could stop whenever I felt the need.  So right in the middle of that party, we snuck away and ran down the street.  That was my first lesson in intervals. I could run 30 seconds!  And I felt like a champion returning back after about 20 minutes of 30 second runs followed by 1 minute walks.  That introduction was what I needed.  She told me about the website and that was what I followed.

I’ve been able to stick with the program all year which has impressed my family because I’ve never been athletic-ever.  Unlike Jane Fonda (yes I’m that old) when I feel the burn, I don’t enjoy it. I hate the whole work hard to get hard mentality.  I’m into walks and yoga.   My body is small naturally so I was always able to live with the way I looked.  As I aged, the flab and body fat increased which made me self-conscious, but I still ignored my fitness. What finally motivated me to change was pain.  Isn’t that often why we step out into new areas of action?  I hurt enough to change.  My joints ached and I felt tired all the time.  I felt like I was 100 years old and it was depressing.   So that’s what got me moving.  Then I was introduced to the 5K program.  I learned about a local yoga class so close that I couldn’t find an excuse to miss it.  I surfed the web and learned about veggie drinks and smoothies.  All this has been a natural process.  What amazes me is that I still didn’t quit.

Today I’m in tears as I write this post.  I finally achieved my goal and ran a non stop 3 miles!  OK I did stop once, but only for 10 seconds after a hill. But I did it!   This is a monumental achievement for me.  I took a year to accomplish what most others can do in 9 weeks. But I did it!   I ran so slow that it took me way longer than 30 minutes.  But I did it!  It was hot and muggy all summer.  But I did it!  It took me three attempts at the 5K program before I could hit 3 miles.  But I did it!  This goal is so important to me because running is my metaphor of life.  I have huge obstacles I’m trying to overcome.  I have so many things I want to accomplish and many of my goals are difficult ones.  I have anxiety about the unknown future and risks I am taking. I’m rocking the boat and everybody notices.  When I wonder if I can muster the strength and commitment to achieve my dreams, I think of running.  Somehow if I can top that hill than maybe I can write that paper.  When I reach a farther distance, it’s like learning something new.  I don’t want to let my fear and inhibitions hold me back anymore.  As I sweat and strain, I remind myself that all important achievements require sustained effort.  I discover I’m stronger and more capable than I realized.  This is NOT a selfish pursuit.  When I feel good about myself I am better company.    Today, 51 year old Carol Ryan ran 3 miles.  Yeah for me!  I feel the way I do when my son win’s a wrestling match.  It’s a good feeling and I want you to experience it with me.  Take small steps this week.  Don’t get discouraged, just press forward.  A pattern of healthy living is the goal. If I can do it you can too.  Take as long as you need. Start over to week 1 if you feel you can’t do your schedule. The goal is to get moving.  Live well today.


Your Turn Inspirator!!!


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