You CAN’T or You Don’t Want To?

Good morning,

I am writing this at 1:32am on Wednesday morning as I am finishing up watching a DVR’d World Championship Triathlon in Kona Hawaii and I am so inspired; with tears rolling down my cheeks all I can think of is don’t tell me YOU CAN’T!

I just watched a man without human legs finish an IronMan Triathlon; for those of you who don’t know this is 2.1 miles swimming in the ocean, 112 miles biking across Kona, 26.1 miles running in extreme heat.  I just watched an 82 year old man running sideways, falling on the ground, being picked up by IronMan watchmen and continue on his path after moving forward continuously for just under 17 hours.  I watched a woman with 4th stage colon cancer finish this race without knowing if this will be the last major achievement in her life.  I just watched a 76 year old woman finish this race with only having just learned to swim at the age of 58.

Who has told you in your life that “You Can’t” do something?  Why have you taken that for your life mantra?

Did you think you could just drive a car before you were legal; I bet as a young person you KNEW you would be able to drive a car and do you, have you, can you?  You knew you would be able to and you have.

I can’t swim….I can’t run…..I can’t make time for me…..I can’t I can’t I can’t.  Let’s reframe that statement.  I can be wet, I can kick my legs, I can move my arms….maybe I could swim if I wanted to.  I can walk, maybe I could could run if a large dog were chasing me so I know it’s possible that I could……maybe I could run intentionally if I wanted to.  I sit at the computer and read this email or blog post, I talk on the phone to my friend…….I guess I could make a little time for myself each day and REALIZE that I took that time for myself.   I think instead of I can’t it’s I don’t want to.

There is no guilt nor shame if you don’t want to be a swimmer.  There is no guilt or shame if you don’t want to be a runner.  There is no guilt or shame if you don’t want to take time for yourself, however, let’s state it as I don’t want to rather than I can’t.  You COULD if you wanted to.  I’ll bet you make time for a movie now and again.  I’ll bet you make time for the computer browsing on a most daily basis if not a few times a day.  I think we need to take a hard look at why we don’t do the things we are always saying we can’t do and re-frame them.  You can, but maybe you don’t want to.

This is not to lay a guilt trip it’s just to put things into perspective.  Can you, yes, you probably could.  Do you want to, now that’s a different topic.

Happenings today:

  • 8:30am – Speed work at Kalamazoo Christian Track
  • 9am & noon – Kettle Bell at Maple St. YMCA
  • 10:05am – Sculpt and Strength at Portage YMCA
  • 7pm – Water Fitness for Health at Portage YMCA

Get Your Sweat On because you CAN if you WANTED to!



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