Stressed Out

Good Morning!
Welcome to this day. I hope you awoke not contemplating how you are going to face the challenges of your day, instead blissful, full of peace and stress free.  Not exactly? My kids are stressing me out. My job is very stressful. Planning this party has stressed me out. We have had company for the last month.  My finances have me on the edge. My car, the dryer and then my in-laws. My schedule this week is really crazy!!!!   I am simply restating a few of the stresses I have heard from women over the last week. The kicker of it all is that it is the way you handle stress that determines how stressed out you are.  Another kicker is that you may not even recognize the defense mechanisms you use and if they are healthy or detrimental to your health. Sometimes it is not even your stress, but it is the stress of the people around you. We have had a number of women ask us about techniques for coping with stress.  I am so excited to have Anna Starr, a Certified Social Worker, and Councilor come to talk with us.  Trust me she is not the person that is going to tell you to drop into downward dog in the middle of your day or go to a happy place in your mind.  I hope you are planning to come tonight it is at 6:30 at the Your Turn office 3234 South Westnedge.  Did you notice I said the word stress 10 times in this one email?  Have you ever noticed how many times you hear it or say it in a day?  See you tonight!
Get Your Sweat On With Us Today: at the Maple Y weight room 8:15, Zumba at the Carver Center 9:30, Swimming at Wood Lake (let me know if your interested I will tell you who and when) Water Fitness at Bronson Athletic Club.
Get Your Sweat On
Dawn Marciniak
Your Turn

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