Ties in perfectly with what Dawn wrote this morning. When STRESSED OUT, WORK OUT!

Confessions from a modern world girl

Stress…. It gets to everybody. I’m not sure about the rest of you but for me, I get physically worn when I am stressed. If you are like me stressing can become incredibly taxing and making yourself feel motivated can be extremely challenging! Lately, I have had heaping helpings of stress! Between planning for the wedding, budgeting finances, handling family loses, and other things my stress level is through the roof! Sadly I must say managing my stress has always been a problem.

Now I do not claim to have the answers to managing and handling stress, but I can vouch that turning to fitness is certainly working for me! It is so easy to plug in, turn off, and work out! So next time you feel like things are getting to intense, hit the gym and work it out! I know I have been shocked to see how beneficial it’s been…

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