F@*K SETTLING! (yup, I swear; don’t read this is you can’t handle it)

Good morning ladies,

disclaimer; this isn’t directed at any one person, it is directed at EVERY PERSON who is settling for living a life that is less than they desire.

disclaimer; this is NOT for the thin skinned!

disclaimer; there is MUCH profanity in this post, only read if you will not ask to be deleted from this blog or email chain due to it.  Thank You!

What are YOU settling for?  Are you settling for a job you hate because you need the money to pay the bills and if you are what is that doing to the inner YOU?  Re-do your resume and get your ass on the pavement!  Are you settling for a body you don’t love because you aren’t taking the time and making the plan to look like what you want?  Eat the foods that make your body work the way you need it to and those foods alone!  Does your mind buzz and whirl and you cannot drive without the music on because you can’t handle listening to the voices in your own head ?  Take 15 mins in the morning, afternoon or evening, lock yourself in the bathroom and sit in quiet.  I say FUCK SETTLING!!! (yup, I swear)

Why the hell do we settle for shit in our lives that don’t bring us JOY?

When I walk out toward the track on Wednesday mornings awaiting Ken and Dawn to show up I am so nervous; you know what I am most nervous about, NOT giving it MY ALL.  I am so nervous that I will settle for a pace that I ran a week ago, I am so nervous that I will settle for less that I really have in me; I only have that 1 Wednesday at that time, in that weather condition, on that one date.  Maybe you believe you only have this one life, maybe you believe you have more; either way, why are you WASTING this life SETTLING for less than you want?

I have lost friends during my weight loss and selfish attitude change that can’t stand the “new MEL”, in my opinion that’s their loss and mine but I wasn’t the one who made that choice.  I put my fat dimply ass in a swimming suit and got in a pool next to women 100lbs smaller than I, all the while I wanted to cry not because of the way they looked at me but because of the way I allowed myself to look.  FUCK SCARED, I’ll take fear by the balls and throw it off the cliff like I do with the kupas on Mario Bros.

Why aren’t YOU reaching your goals?  You scared?????   Ahhhhh, you so afraid that maybe you won’t make it?????   You looking for a pity party because you just can’t do it?????  Pick your shit up and MOVE!!!  Quit belly aching about where you don’t want to be and MOVE YOUR ASS TO WHERE YOU WANT TO GO!

Only YOU can create an AMAZING life and only you can settle for a life that is less than; the choice is YOURS!  I say FUCK SETTLING; I’m moving up!

Have an AMAZING Saturday and Get Your Sweat On or don’t, that choice too is yours alone!

Your Turn



4 thoughts on “F@*K SETTLING! (yup, I swear; don’t read this is you can’t handle it)

  1. i love what yourdoing,and youinspire me no matter what some people say its raw and brutally honest and i love it,keep up the good work

    • Thank you Kelly; you are doing spectacularly yourself. I love reading about you and Zach and the little boys being active with running! You are quite an inspiration yourself 🙂

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