Mood Swing

Good Morning!
Remember the swing sets that the parents didn’t cement into the ground and if you pumped high enough, one corner would rise and you were sure you were going to plummet to your death, or be launched into the sky?  Were you a jumper, when the swing reached its peak? Or were you a foot dragger until you slowly came to a halt?
Honestly I would take a rickety old swing set any day as opposed to the kind of swing I have been on lately.  You guessed it …..The MOOD SWING! Blame the heat, blame what I eat, blame raging hormones, just don’t blame me, I will cry!!!!  The 5k I ran a week ago, I did not get the time I wanted (low) but I did get third place for the first time in my life of running many races (high).  I knew what I would have to do. Run more, train harder and do my running exercises.  I was excited (high). A week passed and I did not do what I needed to do (low).  I did do a little bit (high). It was not enough (low). I painted a tree in my kitchen (high) It looks like a carrot (low). How is it that I am so involved in Your Turn and did not practice the vital principal that I constantly preach?  I need support!  I know what I need to do physically. Mentally I will not do it unless I recruit a team, create a schedule, and quit talking about it and putting it off! I’m sorry if this does not seem like a very inspiring go get em kind of email.  However, I have sat now with my finger on the delete button for five minutes. It is not easy to say out loud that I need something.  This I know, the sooner I surround myself with women to give me a push, joke about my bad hair, and count on me to show up, the sooner I can get off this damn swing!!!!!! Have you been thinking about it, talking about it, putting it off? Are you on the same swing set?  Are you coming to the Farmers Market Fresh Cooking on Sunday? or the Stress Demonstration on Tuesday?  Invite someone to come along if it is something you want to do but are at risk of putting it off.
Get Your Sweat On (HIGH)
Dawn Marciniak
Your Turn

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