Ice Cold Sunshine

Good Morning!
Life is Good! the tire cover on the back of a jeep read with a smiley face.  I took a deep breath and thought “Life is good” then I thought about the Tshirt that I wanted from the Life is Good brand.  Dang it! They Got Me! I tried to redirect my thoughts back to my good life,. FOCUS! LIFE IS GOOD! Advertising slogans are used to persuade you to buy a certain product or service. They have mastered the art of using words that indirectly make you think of their product.  Media and advertising often take a hit for contributing to negative self image and promoting poor choices.  My Life Is Good moment made me wonder, What if you remove the product from the equation and just take the message literally?  You will be showered with positive messages all day long!  I have never had an entire can of Coca Cola, I think all pop is bad and bad for you, but remove the product and drink the message and this is what Coca Cola is saying to you…Ice Cold Sunshine, Open Happiness, Life tastes good, Pause and refresh yourself, You can’t beat the real thing. Kind of makes you want to smile doesn’t it?
“Don’t let hunger happen to you” what a fabulous message. For me it means pre plan your meals and snacks.  Eat healthy before you are hungry and reduce the risk of binging and over eating. That’s what I get from that message.  Thank you Snickers! This may become an obsession, but in one day these are the messages I saw: Eat Fresh…Your Potential, Our Passion…The Power to be Your Best…Isn’t Life Juicy…I am made of Blue Sky and Golden light and I will feel this way forever….Born to Perform….You only go around once in this life, so you have to grab for all the gusto you can…Think Different….Double your pleasure Double your fun…Gather round the good stuff…Show em your a Tiger, Show em what you can do, Bring out the Tiger in you!
Before you head out for the day, did you have the breakfast of Champions?
Mark your Calendar!
Sunday July 15th at 2:00p.m. Join us for our Farmers Market Fresh Cooking Demonstration, Spring Valley Crossing. We will be making Watermelon lime mint slushies, healthier option blueberry crepe, and stuffed veggies.
Tuesday July 17th 6:30 p.m. at our Your Turn Office 3234 Westnedge. Anna Starr is going to present How to recognize, cope with, and avoid feeding your stress.
Get Your Sweat On! Seriously!
Dawn Marciniak
Your Turn
To give credit where credit is due the above mentioned: Coca Cola, Snickers, Subway, Microsoft, Apple, Starburst, Chanel No5, Jaguar, Schlitz Beer, Doublemint Gum, Pizza Hut, Frosted Flakes, and Wheaties.


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