Do It For The Kids

Good morning ladies,

I had a choice once, a long while back…..stay where it felt easy but not good or go for it.  This man in my life at the time said to me, “Mel, how do you want your daughter to see you?  How do you want your son to see women”?  I still think of that conversation and I want my daughter to see me STRONG and I want my son to KNOW the importance of supporting strong women.  I went to college after having them and being divorced because I wanted them to see me studying at the kitchen table.  It was for me but it was for them to see me doing what I knew was best.  Healthy behaviors are no different.

Strength isn’t about the size of your guns or the pace of your run; it’s about the strength of your determination.  By YOU being on a healthy path you are showing them that YOU are important and as they age and become parents that THEY are also important.  Think of it in this way; as your children age what do you want for them?  Would you enjoy seeing them put their HEALTH aside because it’s a challenge and there is push back from others in their lives?

Healthy change is worth it, not only for YOU but also for your children.  I feel like I am using them, our kids, to give us, the mothers, a boost that it is OK.  As you take some time out today for your health know that what you are doing for you IS, on a grand level, for them too.

Dawn and I knew the niche of Your Turn needed to be support.  Support, we know, is different for each person but we also know it is NEEDED for EACH person.  Today is the Your Turn Gathering at Maple YMCA at 10am.  Here we DO support one another.  It is a way to come together and offer support for others on this journey as well as receive support.  We ALL could use a little “good job” and here is a way to get and give it.

Happenings Today:

  • 9am – Kettle Bell @ Maple YMCA
  • 10am – Your Turn Gathering @ Maple YMCA
  • 12pm – Kettle Bell @ Maple YMCA
  • 1:30pm – Zumba Gold @ Maple YMCA
  • 7pm – Water Fitness @ Portage YMCA

Get Your Sweat On




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