Thank You Your Turn Inspirator

Good morning ladies,

Yesterday’s email from an Inspirator really hit home for me because I was that fat girl and I forget to give her the credit she deserves for beginning this journey.  Most of you on this email chain and blog have never met the “Fat Mel”; you only see the woman who runs lifts and tries to be an inspiration and healthy example.

I laugh and joke about her sometimes but those jokes and that laughter cover up the hurt she felt.  I try not to think about her very often because that time in my life was a mixture of pain and struggle.  The struggles were not only due to my physical self but due to circumstances having to do with my family and with my own mental ability to handle all the cards that I had been dealt.

Reading that email reminded me to think of her; feel that old twinge of pain and then know that I moved through it.  Acknowledge the struggle it was to get my boys to the Y when just picking them up was more weight than I could barely handle.  Find pleasure in the fact that I NEVER gave up; I slipped and slid some days but NEVER gave up on me.  Once I realized how important she was and all that she had to offer I kept reaching for her.  She, old fat Mel, was so much stronger than I gave her credit for; she braved putting on a swimming suit next to women 100lbs smaller than she was, she willingly allowed people to see her struggle but push anyway, she opened herself up to criticism by thinking of herself when it isn’t considered a positive thing.  She opened herself up emotionally because she needed to find friends that understood where she wanted to go health wise even though she was self-conscious.  Old Mel was quite amazing!

She got this path started; she made me what I am right now.  I am so proud of “Old Fat MEL”; she had courage to keep moving forward.  Thank you Your Turn Inspirator for reminding me to be thankful!  I cannot thank you enough.



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