Success is Subjective

I am writing this after coming off of a great success of mine this 4th of July morning.  I am writing this after watching my GREAT FRIEND and partner, Dawn, come off a GREAT success this 4th of July morning.  We have been training to run “fast”, for each of us, 5K and our success may not look like what YOU would think they would.  Success is subjective.

Success is searching everywhere for support while you are trying to get and stay healthy.  Success is being able to visualize that you have reached your goal even when you haven’t yet and following the instinct that moves you in that direction.  Success is showing up to week 3 of a couch 2 5K when your shins hurt so bad you don’t know if you can accomplish that workout goal but you are going to do your best.  Success is not gaining weight even though you are disappointed you didn’t lose any.  Success is subjective.

See we are individuals with goals that may be similar to one another but the way we succeed is based upon individual desires.  My goal for this race today was a sub 20 min 5K; I didn’t succeed in that but the race was still a success.  Why, because my constant goal is leaving it ALL in that race; know I am coming across that finish line with NOTHING left in me.  To be honest I knew I wasn’t achieving my time goal and I did, just past mile 2, give in to my “I am not going to make it in less than 20 so I might just as well quit” and I slowed to a walk for about 15 secs.  I then kicked my own ass into gear and knew that deep in me that the time is just time but if I crossed that finish line not gasping for air and on the verge of vomiting then I didn’t accomplish my true to my soul goal.  Today was a SUCCESS for me but I know I still have work to do.  Training begins again next week; I’ve got a goal to accomplish.  Success is subjective.

I know women who cannot seem to feel successful because they are not accomplishing their goal but they aren’t celebrating the small successes that get them to the large goal.  We cannot always have the BIG SUCCESSES without the small ones that lead us there.  Maintaining weight may not seem as glorious as losing, if weight loss is your goal, but cannot we not call that a success?  Maybe you desire to have a diet that is sugar-free but today you had an ice cream cone but NOT an ice cream cone AND the pie you were offered IS success!  Running a race where you didn’t meet your time goal but you left all you had on that road IS success!  Success is subjective.

CELEBRATE the small successes that lead us to the desired FULL ON GOAL!  Let the small miss-steps along your journey wash away from your mind.  CELEBRATE the vision of your goal as you move toward it even though it is taking longer than you anticipated!  Our country was not built up one large amazing climactic goal accomplished; the United State of America was built upon one small success, another small success all leading up the independence and freedom we have.  As we celebrate our country today also CELEBRATE YOU!  This health and wellness journey may be new to you so celebrate that you chose to be on it.  The 1/2 pound you lost could have instead been a 2 pound gain so CELEBRATE IT!  As you watch the fireworks that celebrate this country also know that they are there to celebrate where YOU currently are and know that where ever that is, it is a SUCCESS!


Your Turn



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