Two Words

Good Morning,
I could hardly sleep my heart was filled with such inspiration!  Two words….Dara Torres! At age 49 competing against teenagers and finishing 3rd with tenths of a second difference at the Olympic Trials.  I love the Olympics every event, every athlete, every commercial!  To me it is proof of how much more the human body is capable of.  Although I do not aspire to be an Olympic athlete, I am inspired to put forth a minute of effort in comparison, just to see what I can do.    If they can train 12 hours a day, I can try 30 minutes. They can manage their diet down to the calorie, I can make one healthy choice a day.  Sometimes we look at athletes as super human or somewhat unrealistic.  The fact is they were born naked exactly the same as you and I.  My second favorite part of the Olympics is the TEAM!  Rivals that compete against each other for four years can come together to support each other on the same team with a common goal…. to win for America. August 2010 Realtor Magazine article Dara Torres was quoted as saying “to succeed in anything, you need to put together a team with a common goal, commit and surround yourself with people who want to succeed” Two Words……YOUR TURN!
I hope you can join your teammates at the Bronson Athletic Center Thursday July 5th at 12:10 p.m.
Get Your Sweat On!
Dawn Marciniak
Your Turn

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